Student Sentenced for Reselling Drugs Sourced on the Darkweb

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A student at the University of Chester was sentenced to prison for buying drugs on the darkweb and selling them locally.
Gayan Aponsu, 22, a student at the University of Chester, was sentenced to prison at the Chester Crown Court after pleading guilty to two counts of importing class A and class B drugs, three counts of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, and three counts of supplying class A drugs.

Gayan Aponsu

According to public information sources, the student admitted he had purchased a variety of drugs from a darkweb vendor based in the Netherlands. He also admitted he resold the drugs once his shipments had arrived.
During the sentencing hearing on July 2, 2021, the court was told that Aponsu’s drug trafficking operation was discovered after Border Force officers intercepted two incoming packages. The packages shipped out of the Netherlands. The officers opened the packages and found 20 grams of 57 MDMA and 10 grams of ketamine.
The packages were addressed to Aponsu’s residence but under the name of one of his friends. The police arrested the friend questioned him. During the interview, police established that the friend had no connection to the defendant’s drug trafficking operation.
The police later executed a search warrant at Aponsu’s residence. The search resulted in the seizure of 1.7 grams of cocaine, 10 LSD tablets, and 57.75 MDMA tablets. The officers also found and seized weighing scales, bags, and a mobile phone.
The officers found text messages on Aponsu’s phone that showed that he had been reselling drugs. Officers found two of Aponsu’s bank accounts that had been consistently receiving small deposits suspected to be payments for the drug sales. Officers also gained access to Aponsu’s cryptocurrency wallet and established that he had received and sent $7,000 in crypto.
Aponsu pleaded guilty to two counts of importing class A and class B drugs, three counts of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, and three counts of supplying class A drugs.
Speaking before issuing a sentence Judge Mark Ainsworth said:
“You were able to source ecstasy and ketamine from the so-called dark web and arranged for them to be sent to the UK to your address. To do that, you used the name of a fellow student, who was wholly blameless. He suffered the distress of being arrested and interviewed he must have sat there thinking his world was falling apart. His only misfortune was knowing you. It’s quite shameful you should involve him in this way.”

Judge Ainsworth then sentenced Aponsu to three years and eight months in prison.
Proceeds of crime hearing against Aponsu will take place in November this year.

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Dang, I mean drugs are nonviolent

pRoTeCt & sErVe2021-07-26

I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here, stop ordering from the fucking Netherlands and dont involve other people. That saddens me to hear your story "pretty sad now" I know you probably wont see this comment but 6 years @21 is heart breaking. Are you happy dea for ruining yet another life?


pretty sad now, I feel your pain. American also. They offered me 10 fucking years. I ended up getting a 5 year sentence and did 2 and 1/2 years of that in prison for possession of heroin (about a 1/4th a gram on a spoon). US drug laws draconian as hell so they can fill the for profit prisons the politicians and their friends with the payouts make their bread from.


What a fucking retard, zero opsec deserves to get sent to prison. Spend time learning basic opsec or head to prison for 3 years over 20 grams of MDMA and 10 grams of Ketamine lmfao.

DNL rulz2021-08-22

Hello people. I've been using & researching the markets since Silk Road 2. Would you agree the UK pursues both vendors & customers MUCH less than other countries?


Isn't it unsafe as fuck? I always read about packages being opened at the border and the customer being arrested... Is there any online shop that's ACTUALLY safe and trustworthy? And does it make sense to let it be delivered to a postal office instead of your home? I'm new to this world....

pretty sad now2021-07-24

(sorry for the rant :/)in the great U S of A i barely dodged 16 years for "selling" less than a total of 5g of h, split between 2 undercover deals. i still served 6yr, and worse (imo), I wasted 3 years of my life in and out of courts while getting clean doing my best to stay alive and get through all of this, all the while watching literally all my close friends die in the process... so much of my life has been robbed by what was a set up by a former friend and some shit head dea fuckheads. i was barely 21! i was only able to be present for one out of 12 funerals and i will never get that closure. THIS twat on the other hand... wow what a shitbag. That poor friend... judge said it best and this dude got what he deserved imo. hes going to throw a friend under the bus like that think of what else hell fuckin do to save his own ass. jesus.. fuck :(