Saxony Man Arrested for Buying a Gun on the Darknet

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The Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office announced that a 41-year-old Saxony man landed in police custody after he had purchased a firearm and ammunition from a darknet vendor.
The deal seemingly involved a real darknet vendor—unlike the majority of the gun deals in the region—as the police announced they had successfully recovered both the gun and ammunition.
Investigators from the State Criminal Police Office arrested the central Saxony man in Leipzig, the Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office said. Although the revealed information failed to provide insight into the events surrounding the arrest, it appeared as if the 41-year-old had showed up at a location for yet another gun deal when the police arrested him. The investigation involved the State Criminal Police Office and the Central Office for Combating Cybercrime. Officials declined to reveal any further information as to avoid compromising any ongoing investigations.
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