Romanian Man Arrested for Alleged Drug Trafficking

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Romanian authorities announced the arrest of a suspected drug trafficker who allegedly resold drugs purchased on darkweb markets.

Police seized at least 1,000 tabs of LSD during the investigation.

According to an announcement from the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), the 28-year-old defendant allegedly resold drugs imported from the Netherlands. DIICOT has accused the defendant of importing drugs from the Netherlands since September 2020.

Police seized at least 1,000 tabs of LSD during the investigation.

Romanian authorities conducted “extensive investigations” during the case, according to the press release. However, other than the results of two property searches, the release contains no information about the “extensive investigations.”
On March 8, 2021, Romanian law enforcement executed search warrants at two properties owned by the defendant. During the searches, the police found 3,000 grams of amphetamine; 17 grams of cocaine; 1,000 LSD tabs; 46 grams of methamphetamine; and 27 cannabis plants. The police also found and seized three scales, two indoor tents, and materials used to facilitate the growth of the cannabis plants.

Police arrested the defendant after executing the search warrants. He will remain in pre-trial detention for 30 days.

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