RCMP Arrested Three in AlwaysOverweight Case

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Updated June 1, 2022 to add a comment from AlwaysOverWeight.
Canadian authorities have charged three people in connection with the investigation into the darkweb vendor “AlwaysOverweight.”
In February 2020, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) raided two homes in Nanaimo and arrested three people for their roles in an alleged drug trafficking operation. As covered in the Darknetlive article from that month, the RCMP announced that they had arrested the people responsible for running the darkweb vendor account “AlwaysOverweight.”
After publishing the article about the purported AlwaysOverweight case, an entity representing themselves as AlwaysOverweight emailed me, claiming that the police had not arrested him.

The RCMP seized large quantities of drugs during the execution of search warrants at two properties in Nanaimo.

On May 31, 2022, the RCMP released the suspects’ identities and accused them of playing some role in the operation of the AlwaysOverweight drug trafficking organization.
“AlwaysOverweight used cryptocurrency and encrypted messaging applications to cover its tracks while anonymously trafficking a large variety of drugs including methamphetamine, oxycodone, cocaine, MDMA, Xanax, and what was advertised as heroin but was in fact the deadlier opioid, fentanyl, that was mixed with other cutting agents.”

The RCMP effectively claimed that the vendor account was operated out of one of the houses they had searched.
“While remaining agile and using innovative investigative techniques combined with proven effective conventional methodologies, the FSOC team was able to successfully penetrate the criminal group’s digital barriers and identified a Nanaimo address as being the dark web vendor’s physical location.”

As a result of the successful penetration, agile mounties arrested three people: Kien Trung Pham, Kerry Chang, and Gordon Brooks.

Dread users had theories about the events that transpired after the initial incident involving alleged AlwaysOverweight conspirators.

Pham faces eleven counts of Trafficking a Controlled Substance and four counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking a Controlled Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).
Brooks faces seven counts of Trafficking a Controlled Substance and seven counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking under the CDSA.
Chang faces one count of Trafficking a Controlled Substance under the CDSA.

AlwaysOverWeight maintains that the arrests are not related to his operation.

The suspects will appear in court at the Nanaimo Provincial Courthouse on June 7, 2022.
AlwaysOverWeight emailed me after publication:
“This article is old news.<br>The people involved and being charged with the “alwaysoverweight” case are not related to the real alwaysoverweight.<br>I remain operational and un-comprimsed.<br>Its sad to see others going down for crimes they did not commit.”

I will get a signed copy shortly.
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[em]Dark web organized crime group taken down by BC RCMP FSOC[/em] | archive.is, archive.org, rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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This is one hell of a story. I thought the Canucks had they geese in line.


impressive write-up.


police started spreading FUD on legit vendor cuz he is too good


AO is /u/silkroad on Empire. It’s an undercover investigation.


i have more information. user ‘silkroad’ on Empire is AO. more to come.

normal guy2020-02-26

selling that many different drugs, why be greedy and also sell fentanyl too? anyone who sells fent DESERVES to get busted


They didn't get him. I have been in contact with him and continue to do business with the team.

frosty da snow G2020-02-26

LOL shouldve just ditched his handle. catastrophic opsec fail


AO would be busted. This is Canada its not like he would have gone to jail. He's probably got money for bail in addition to that, house arrest at worst while awaiting to settle matters. All the details exonerating AO in this article and that he continues to use to explain how it wasnt them/him who was pinched all fluff. In reality it does not prove it wasnt him. It only makes sense to me that he is clinging to the AO moniker so desperately so when he/they go to court, they can present all t his information from public forums of people saying they were still receiving orders, communicating, AO was still getting feedback etc. to appear as a defense. How could the persons arrested possibly be the vendor if the account was still functioning while they were briefly in custody (a few days maybe?). I think AO is confident that is enough reasonable doubt to on the charges. Sorry not buying it. If you have 3000 transactions, and your private key, remake your accounts and verify your past credibility with the old key. Hell, make a new subkey from the original one but ditch the fucking name. It was in the paper, why the hell would you want any thing like that near you. I wouid never order from a vendor again if I saw their name on the RCMP websire and couldnt bother to let it go. No fucking chance. A specialized RCMP task force who's prime objective for the past year has been AO is not going to wrongfully announce his arrest 10 days after the raids when shit hit the fan. Ifi it took them 10 days after the raids and going through his stuff, why would they release it after that much time passed? If they got it wrong they would have kept it hush hush. AO on dread also admitted there was a 2 day window where packs did not go out, but no explaination. Here's one - because he was in custody. Why are people thinking that their packs arriving means no run in with the law? Like hello - of course youre going to receive a packagfe he send 4 days before getting picked up. Its the mail everyone gets things at different times. AO I am Not buying it, getting tired of hearing about it and more sick of seeing the same desperate posts. LET IT GO. Personally I would never order from a vendor again, busted or not if they kept using the samddumbest shit ever


Please explain exactly how it is an opsec fail because it really isn't.

Why arent my comments posting2020-02-26

AO is trying to keep this shit going because IMO hes thinking surely a defense can be used that the arrested person couldnt be him because the account continued uninterrupted. I am confident that AO thinks this will create enough doubt to walk on the charges. Lets be realistic here its canada he will likely not be in jail at worst house arrest. Maybe a couple day interruption. AO said on dread he sent packs every day but a couple in the time between the 3rd and the announcement but didnt explain why. Its the mail going all over the place, there would be no break in packs received unless he was away for like a month. Like its the mail people everyones packs every where are going to land at different times. Factor in the DDOS delays, buyers forgetting, old orders etc. The reasoning "I received my pack" and "still getting feedback?" proves nothing. The RCMP had a task force investigating him for a year, and they announced the name 10 days after the raids. If they were wrong why would they alert the entire community to how closely it was being scrutinized. What sensible human on the darknet would try so desperately to hang onto a moniker scrawled across RCMP radar enough to be announced to the world otherwise? The only situation where keeping the name going is not a gigantic target and red flag is if that is the ticket to your apparent innocence. All the defense needs to to is pull all these foolish and oblivious comments about uninterrupted service to try and suggest the doubt, and its all public forum. That is the only reason I can think of that any sensible human would throw all opsec out the window and not fuck the moniker off. He is desperate to remain free. Obviously. None of these things prove it wasnt him. The fact that you wrote this article proves why AO thinks this tactic is going to work to prove his innocence in court and im surprised at the connections you are drawing at his suggestion that ignore the plain reality of the situation.


Wow like let the moniker die and verify new accounts with your old PGP we are all tired of hearing your desperate attempts to keep the gigantic target of a moniker. People who continue to order from him are just as foolish.


I dont know never used bcPremo or whatever so i aint going to comment on that. but on alwaysovernight he has been my main and ONLY meth vendor for att least 6 months so i will say this: the messages from him still sound/look like the old ones (correct grammar, punctuation, etc), the product is still the exact same that he was shipping pre-"bust", packaging and stealth is the EXACT same. shipping area is the same general area, cant comment on addresses or anything cuz i never paid attention to any of that shit. ppl should always do their own verifications for max opsec but in my opinion i do not believe AOs operation is under the control of law enforcement or anyone different than whoever was operating it for the second half of 2019

Frosty g2020-02-26

Selling fent is a no go. Heroin laced fent and calling it heroin. Vendors like these types do deserve to get caught.


Impressive detective work, your a G


he has like a level 6 or 7 trust rating. you just dont walk away from that shit. thats an investment that is. what you'd call a fungible good. Meaning the AO name has real value.


He has like a level 5 or 6 freedom experience right now though. If he wants to keep it that way he'll drop that investment.

frosty the snowman2020-02-27

lol silkroad and AO are not the same people, silkroad is from east coast and AO is from west coast.


Seems like a bunch of miscommunication between RCMP members, and higher ups, or possibly a fabricated bust. Seems like a convoluted mess that was only made worse by releasing information that should not have been released, or released at the incorrect time. I would also vouch that the RCMP possibly fabricated aspects to this story, in order to receive more federal funding. Recently ( the past 40 days ) it was announced a healthy portion of Canadian's tax dollars would be used to fund an anti-crime/drug task force that solely operates in BC. I can see this entire story and or large portions being fabricated by the RCMP to receive more funding, or some financial benefit from the federal government. They truly are disgraces who can't even arrest child rapists, murderers etc. What better way to look like the cowboy and get your detachment more funding.


its a real shame AO was a great vender im sure he will rebuild i know he aint busted cause he shipped an order on the 14th to me


User silkroad is a selective scammer and makes up bullshit responses to negative feedback instead of resolving issues Ao and bcprem0 have great customer service


i made an order from bcprem0 3 months ago and it never arrived, he kept saying he shipped it and it never arrived, i left him negative feedback and my order arrived a week later. I got an order from AO the same week and they had different shipping styles, and the heroin was much different. strangely enough i got a msg from BCprem0 around the beginning of the month that was basically saying he had a sale and it had been awhile since i ordered.

team cn2020-03-06

who gives a shittttttttttttttttttttt


How is this new ?




you think the fetty pack I just got today is from the RCMP? I’ve been picking up from AO consistently since these articles were released couple years ago. Nothing new. And nothing changed still business as usual. God bless the RCMP I guess lmaoo


It's the begining of the end...look it's only matter of time before Technology catches up. Eventually it will


STFU u simpleton LE goon u have no idea what your faggot ass is saying. Technology is the reason there's a darkweb and multi-billionaire dollar e-commerce illegal drug industry in the first place you clown. Its not technology that has to catch up you dumb faggot. Its LE that needs to catch up by mastering technology to catch the criminals who use technology to stay ahead. And it is impossible for LE to do that because technology it's constantly evolving with new innovations for criminals to use coming out all the time. If you didn't spend so much time bent over getting pile driven by your faggot friends you would know that.


Is it just me or is there a lot of homophobia in these comments? It's almost as if the default insult involves some aspect of "fag" or anal sex. Just if were so advanced in technology here one would think our discourse could be a bit more elevated.


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My buddy just got caught buying from AlwaysOverweight on Asap Market. Warning to all.




WHO TF buys from AlwaysOverweight it is RCMP operating that account!!


AlwaysOverweight is RCMP and they do feedback padding to boost their sales. Like Icywhitenorth they almost put fake feedbacks. 200 sales in 1 day haha you kidding me bro?


wow. My fetty comes from RCMP. So real. So cool. Makes so sense. So smart. Idiot.


Why are these comments so aggressive? Just relax guys. Go outside. Meditate. Do yoga.


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lol at the coloorful pkg dat says 15. theyre $ store balloons. these boyz like der wippits


These guys are RCMP please be careful.

Guy with fixz2022-06-01

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