Rapture Market Returns Amidst Exit-Scam Fear

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Despite the use of users’ own statements, the wonderful folks at DNStarsconsider this article a form of fear mongering or FUD. Given that users quite literally believed that Rapture would run off with their coins, those users had “good reason” to believe that Rapture had, in fact, exit scammed. Zion market and Libertas had just exit scammed; a beginner’s belief would obviously be that Rapture had also exit scammed. Elisa-Yamaha, you know this. Stop acting confused.
And CNC, do you have no recollection of posting a meme about Rapture’s 2,000 years of any day now? Or how about the following:
I’m really surprised it’s gone to shit…
Partial stolen source code, bodged enough to make it work by InsanityDRM some outsourced monkey.
Admin with the technical acumen of a potato.
Unable to fix minor bugs.
No support staff, bar that fuckwit Samculper/Legal Amigo.
BD being balls deep in LW.
No vendors.
Oh and the original LW blatantly selling his account to BD/BD’s team/someone else.
The only thing that’s shocked me is that they’ve not exited already.
I’d wager that a good bit of the above would fall into your “conjecture” category.
As to the claims of bad journalism: I absolutely agree. I spend the majority of my time writing about the darknet elsewhere. I created this site in an attempt to record international news that English media outlets would ordinarily overlook. And I have succeeded thus far. But in order to keep even the smallest presence in Google search results, I publish short pieces updating my readers: people with an interest in the darknet who lack the time or motivation to explore forums and marketplaces themselves.
Interviewing DNStars users? Asking for statements from DNStars members? You cannot be serious. It’s unfortunate that I seemingly offended someone behind Rapture Market (and/or Olympus, given the massive spam campaign launched against both sites).
Rapture Market is great. No complaints here. Maybe one of you [or a certain staff member…] got pissed that I social engineered my way into an established vendor’s account (despite lacking matching PGP keys). Rapture is not at fault any more than other markets; I started the experiment with a free account on Tochka that resembled another vendor’s account. Made it into Zion and Libertas, got turned down at WSM, and then turned to Rapture. Rapture only followed the steps of the big markets. I never meant to offend. ~

One of the relatively new darknet markets called “Rapture Market” disappeared for long enough that even bigger media outlets wrote about the marketplace’s disappearance. It turns out that Rapture Market did not exit scam. They are back but are being hit by an allegedly intense DDoS attack.
Addresses are at the bottom of the page.
Users had good reason to fear that the market had taken off with the Bitcoin and Monero stored in customer wallets. Zion Market just exit scammed. Libertas Market exit scammed. Tochka took a so-called “hiatus.”
The market has returned but users on DSTARS.vip have warned about Monero issues.
Just a heads up, their Monero issues aren’t fixed. Just did a small withdraw from them, successfully left the market wallet. Hasn’t arrived in mine, and it’s been about 5 hours now. Hasn’t even registered as transaction on network either.”
Not sure what’s going on, but don’t deposit XMR unless you want to spend it, and don’t withdraw unless you want to lose it,” DNSTARS user Yellowbenteens wrote in a recent thread .
New market addresses have been published in order to mitigate the DDoS attacks, but the old ones might continue to function. All the new links can be verified on the Rapture Market forum (rapture6p5qosjzg.onion).