OpiateConnect has been arrested - Hugbunter

~1 min read | Published on 2022-08-29, tagged General-News using 204 words.

The prolific darkweb vendor “OpiateConnect” has been arrested.
According to a post from the administrator of Dread, HugBunter, the well-known drug vendor OpiateConnect has been arrested. According to HugBunter’s source, the vendor is currently in federal custody.

The cover photo for the Opiate Connect subdread.

There is no information beyond HugBunter’s post on Dread:
“I’ve received information from a trusted source who has provided verified bust info in the past, that OpiateConnect has been arrested. He’s currently sitting in federal custody and the news hasn’t broke yet.”

“All buyers make sure to clean house as it appears that his market accounts have been accessed in the past week which is some time after the arrest was made, this also allows us to assume that they have access to his wallets, PGP keys and so on. His 2FA was also disabled at Dread, I’ve now locked out his account and his subdread.”

“I’ll update this post when the news does drop, which will probably be a lot faster now.”

“Stay safe.”


A screenshot of a comment by HugBunter in response to a deleted question about the apparent arrest.

It is impossible for me to verify this as of now obviously. HugBunter has learned about other arrests before law enforcement published an announcement. Likely correct.