NJ Town Auctioning a Maserati Seized from a Fraudster

A town in New Jersey is auctioning off a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte seized from a convicted fraudster. The fraudster bought a “significant amount of stolen personal identifying information via the dark web,” police said.

A picture of The Maserati is surprisingly boring, honestly.

The Maserati is surprisingly boring, honestly.

As one user on Jalopnik commented, So, the answer to “why does this town have a fancy car to sell?” is:

“Dumbass Thief couldn’t live low and people started wondering how some weird unemployed guy living in his mom’s basement could afford a Maserati. And why it was “gifted to him” from 4 people that were all filing complaints about identity thief.”

Per DailyVoice.com:

Working with others, [Ralph Taylor] bought a “significant amount of stolen personal identifying information via the dark web, including bank account information and online security question answers,” a complaint on file in federal court in Newark says.

Taylor used the information to access victim accounts in New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere, the complaint says.[Taylor] and her cohorts went to the victims’ banks and impersonated them to withdraw money, it says. They also called to request wire transfers.

(The pronoun change in the above quote is apparently the result of a transition that took place while in police custody.)

The Maserati is a 3.0L V6 which seems underwhelming. I thought the modern Quattroporte’s had TT V8s.

As far as flexing criminal money goes, OxyGod had much better taste in my opinion.

Wyatt Pasek poses with cash and a rental supercar

Of course, he rented all the vehicles in his Instagram pictures.

Wyatt Pasek poses with cash and a rental yet again

The Maserati is available on the municibid website.

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9f15f530 Thu, Dec 30, 2021

lmao such a dread moment

432edc20 Thu, Dec 30, 2021

That transition is a smart move-when HE has coke-can cocks in his mouth he can feign to himself that hes still in control because blowjobs can only be given away by a woman but forced on a man. Enjoy them cocktail fruit and chicken wings-hope it washes the taste of spunk out of your mouth, fuckshovel

e95e1be0 Fri, Dec 31, 2021

Bless you.

46895f40 Fri, Dec 31, 2021

Note: the bandana oxy is wearing in the bottom left photo was not intended as a social distancing measure, as the photo was taken well before Covid. 16 years more, or something like that, until he is released

81e94fe0 Fri, Dec 31, 2021

I am 100% sure this kid was smart enough to stash XMR somewhere for such case scenario, as many fallen brethen have before.
I myself did a 1.5 year stint with a gag order.
Won’t even temp telling my story even if I am using Whonix/Qubes.
Not enough time went by, however i did hodl a hefty 3BTC by the release date.
Got myself a bad ass rig and been floating slinging crypto and NFTs.
Welcome 2022.

70f866c0 Fri, Dec 31, 2021

Maybe, smart plus stupid at the same time is always forever and ever still be stupid. Just because it’s Monero doesn’t stop the cops from searching your laptop and seizing your NFTs, Monero or Jesus points… people it’s not that hard to not be a dumb ass… don’t flaunt your ill gotten gains on social media and never trust a women…

2e9f3950 Sun, Jan 2, 2022

This faggot should be in prison solely because of his bad taste in cars. A Maserati? Are you fucking kidding me

9b2e5a80 Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Dumb fucks thats why carding and logs are dead issues right now.

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