Nine Alleged Drug Dealers Arrested in Austria

~2 min read | Published on 2021-05-30, tagged General-News using 368 words.

Authorities in Austria arrested multiple suspects for allegedly importing and reselling large quantities of a wide variety of drugs purchased on the darkweb.
According to a press release by the Upper Austria state police, the suspects were arrested after a five-month investigation that targeted three groups suspected of reselling large quantities of drugs ordered from the darkweb.
The investigation was launched after authorities in Braunau district, Upper Austria, recorded an increase in drug overdose and traffic accident cases. The increase in the cases was allegedly tied to an increase in the trade and consumption of drugs. Authorities then established that the drugs were being imported into upper Austria by resellers who had purchased the drugs on the darkweb.
Investigators led by the Ried public prosecutor in cooperation with the Linz Customs Investigation Agency and the police inspections in Braunau identified postal boxes in Upper Austria and in Bavaria, Germany, that were being used by the alleged drug dealers. This discovery led the investigators to suspected suppliers, resellers, and buyers.
Investigations into the suspects resulted in the search of a total of 14 residences during the operation. The searches led to the seizure of approximately one kilogram of cannabis, 630 grams of amphetamine, 100 grams of MDMA, 40 grams of heroin, 14 fentanyl patches, 53 grams of ketamine, as well as approximately 1000 doses of unspecified psychotropic and prescription drugs. The searches also resulted in the arrest of nine suspects.
The investigators believe that six of the identified suspects aged between 21 and 30 played the most significant role in the drug trafficking organization. Those six suspects are accused of selling a total of nine and a half kilograms of cannabis, 250 fentanyl patches, 2.2 kilograms of amphetamine, 190 grams of MDMA, 500 ecstasy tablets, 85 grams of heroin, 300 grams of cocaine, 100 Valium tablets, 50 ephedrine pills, and 100 2CB tablets.
The investigators established that most of the suspected drug dealers sold to the same group of customers. The investigators as a result identified a total of 125 customers. The customers were subsequently charged by the Ried public prosecutor.
During the investigation, investigators identified a 59-year-old woman from Braunau district who gave her prescribed fentanyl patches to her grandson to resell for supplemental income.