Nightmare Market Enters Maintenance Mode Ahead of Design Overhaul

Nightmare Market, one of the most popular and consistently available darkweb marketplaces, has entered maintenance mode to finalize a design overhaul with fixes for the deposit feature and a more simple interface for both buyers and sellers on the market.

Update: they are back. Post coming soon.

In a message on Dread, a staff member of the Nightmare Market team posted the following update, promising no more problems or delays when depositing any of the six cryptocurrencies used by the market and additional updates in the near future.

The Message

The market will be in maintenance mode today for a few hours to update the new design

Some time ago we decided to change and upgrade the market. Our vision is to become the largest platform for Drugs. Frauds and Hacks and a new design is part of that! And this design is finally here! The new design is meant to give you a much easier and faster way to navigate and get things done.

“Focused on improving vendor performance and buyer ease."

We have integrated several new elements to shops and listings overview(s) to give you the most critical information in the fastest way possible to easier find and buy exactly what you need. We have also set up the design so it’s easier for us to integrate technical improvements which will be done in the months to come. It has been an important step for us to take a DN market further than it has been before because we believe that we have so much more to offer you with regards to technical abilities, visual elements and overall experience.

“As always, behind the scenes we remain the most secure platform and are striving to give you the best experience a DN market can give you. We also want to keep making these breakthroughs to become a stronger platform for the years to come."

So go check out the new design after there maintenance and tell us what you think! - Also, some more


After the launch of the new design we will mainly focus on 2 things:

  1. We will improve the transaction system so there will be no more problems or delays with any deposit for any of the 6 coins!
  2. We will soon implement a shopping-cart system so you can order more products at the same time from different vendors!

While the market is down, users will see this when attempting to visit Nightmare Market's homepage:

Nightmare Marketplace


And, for new users, the Nightmare Market page on darknetlive provides some information about the market.