Nightmare Market: Accessing the Site During the DDoS Attacks

~1 min read | Published on 2019-05-23, tagged DDOSDarkweb-Market using 202 words.

With an ongoing DDoS attack, Nightmare Market has been one of the most difficult markets to access. Thanks to an extensive list of mirrors, the market is often accessible through alternative methods.
Right now, if you access Nightmare Market at the main onion address (nightmareocykhgs.onion/ddos/), you’ll be confronted by an anti-ddos captcha that should—upon completion—allow you to proceed to the market. In the event that the primary address fails to redirect to the market, the admins have published a lengthy list of mirrors that often work when the primary one is down.
The anti-DDoS filter indicates very high anonymous traffic on the server. We are aware that you probably aren’t behind this, but we need to present you this challenge to get an authorization cookie to view the marketplace. This page will not be displayed on every visit, but only during possible DDoS periods. Please complete the challenge below to get a browsing authorization.

Because of the current DDoS situation, we will constantly update our alternative links. Please save them and make sure you don’t get phished! We will only publish links on our marketplace, forum and subdread. In case the link you are using is loading slow, please try using other links as well.