NCIDE Task Force Identified Another Darkweb Vendor

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The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force, a task force with an active presence on darkweb forums and marketplaces, reportedly identified yet another darkweb vendor. The task force, after identifying some darkweb vendors, adds the vendor’s name to the “Identified Vendors” list on the task force’s onion service.
According to the updated list of identified NorCal vendors, the Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force identified the former Dream Market vendor “EncryptedKingdom.” The task force’s onion service has two lists: an arrested vendor list and a list of identified NorCal vendors. Like the majority of the vendors on both lists, EncryptedKingdom sold cannabis products.

A sample listing from the vendor’s Dream profile:
$1 AAA Sample Gram + FREE S/H:


Vendor Page:


We are kicking issues off with a $1 Sample for our 1g AAA Top Shelf Indoor Weed itemizing. $1 simply to show that you just make common purchases on Dream and know methods to load BTC onto the positioning 🙂

This is a 100% escrow itemizing for AAA Indoor Weed straight from California. This is the most effective product for the worth available on the market. No nitrogen canning charges right here!

We take pleasure within the degree of stealth we provide the group whereas sustaining essentially the most aggressive costs available on the market.

All delivery is completed through USPS Priority Mail which solely takes 2 days, 1 greater than specific whereas offering us each with the very best degree of anonymity, no signature and so on.

Check our stealth part, Q&A + desk of contents for extra detailed data

Five months ago, a user on Reddit commented that EncryptedKingdom customers had complained that their orders had taken longer than usual to arrive. In some cases they had waited two weeks for their package. The shipping disrutption could be completely unrelated to EncryptedKingdom’s identification though.
First article about the NCIDE Task Force’s onion service:
U.S. Police Launch their Own Tor Site for Darkweb Vendor Busts they added a vendor in July. New Vendor Update: U.S. Police Launch their Own Tor Site for Darkweb Vendor Busts. And another update in August: NCIDETF Adds Another Vendor to Their Arrested Vendor List.
The NCIDE Task Force’s onion service address: ncidetf3j26mdtvf.onion

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USA War on Drugs Failure2019-10-26

Incredible they are proud they busted a vendor selling one gram of weed? Literally on the border there are container loads coming in daily. All protected, by banks, feds, Cartels. NCIDE are losers, examples of the failed war. America Imprisons its population, it exploits citizens in health care and a poor education system. ey America has not won a war since WW2 and they backed down from russia and china and they used nuclear weapons on Japan, losers.


The D E E P S T A T E must be destroyed, the international globalists that are struggling to turn this country into one global multicultural state controlled by one world government. This way a permanent underclass can be created by those from the third world to provide cheap labor for these massive international corporations. The United Nations is a horrible organization that aids in this process. Replacing the original population of America and undermining its values. The universities have already been lost, the news media has been lost, hollywood has been lost long ago, and if this is allowed to continue it will only get worse. In America, dont invest in gold, or silver. Invest in lead. Nationalists like Trump only serve to slow down the inevitability of all of our rights being destroyed. Over time as demographics change, more states will turn blue. And eventually more power will be given to the state then it already has. You think its bad now? NCIDE is only the beginning.


1 gram vendor lol

Mr Sarcasm2019-10-27

Well done what a great result! What a great job you are doing in this 'war on drugs'! CLAP CLAP.


RE: IT WILL GET WORSE You need to put your tin foil hat away. Trump is not globalist. Trump is the best president we have ever had hands down!


You misread my comment. It says that Trump is holding back the globalists. He is slowing the inevitable. I think Trump isn't as bad as the media makes him out to be too. However, that doesn't mean we out of the woods yet.


while he was low hanging fruit. this is nothing more than ncide showing their dicks and flexing that they will go after anyone in their district


What does identified NorCal vendor mean? Does this mean they know the vendor ships out of NorCal? Or that they actually know there name. Probably just know that they are shipping out of NorCal.


DRUGS is not a problem, today almost everyone do drugs. But corrupt in the police, FBI...those who get well payd to not talking for much worst tings then drugs. THAT IS A PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD, WE HAVE TO START OWER BRAKE DOWN THIS WORLD. AND YOU WILL SEE THAT WILL HAPPEND.