Market Update: Yellow Brick Market Adds Auto-Encrypt and Plans for XMR

~2 min read | Published on 2019-07-07, tagged Darkweb-MarketGeneral-News using 382 words.

In a post on Dread, a Yellow Brick Market staff member announced a minor update to the market as well as upcoming plans to support transactions made with Monero. They also applied for a spot on, one of the few sites providing updated onion links to darkweb markets, forums, and other services.
Automatic PGP encryption is a controversial feature for several reasons; there is no way to know whether or not a market is actually encrypting those messages prior to saving a copy behind the scenes. This is more of a threat in scenarios where a law enforcement agency takes control of a darkweb market than in the normal operation of a functioning market. And functioning auto-encrypt on an uncompromised market should (assuming the market had no malicious intent) be a fine feature and useful for customers with less experience (or a concern for their own safety).
Always encrypt your own messages.
We have now implemented an auto-encrypt for customers who place orders. This makes it super handy for new or inexperienced users of PGP to be able to retain privacy. There is also a guide that will educate users on how to use this type of encryption and useful tips on how it will better facilitate their privacy.

They are also planning to add the ability to buy and sell products on the market with Monero. This is something all markets should integrate and adoption of Monero as a payment system is almost unanimously encouraged.
There’s also a Monero integration in the pipeline. This will provide a more secure alternative to bitcoin due to the use of ring-signatures and lower transaction costs. We believe this will greatly increase the security overall for all those concerned.

And the last part is self-explanatory. is almost a requirement for new or smaller markets. Right now the site is a requirement for big markets with mirrors that constantly change too.
We have applied to be listed on, this is no doubt the largest and most secure way to access the site. The ability to sign all of the onion links with our server PGP key means that phishing attacks are reduced and new links can be found quickly and easily.

Below is a signed list of Yellow Brick Market mirrors:-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512Yellow Brick Mirrors:ck73ugjvx5a4wkhsmrfvwhlrq7evceovbsb7tvaxilpahybdokbyqcqd.onion7wxzaxsqibuinpyc3muazc374glv32ve73jw6zf7q6bqtc4mfynsjjyd.onionixqiyyhsec7keqzfxaaufyfye6zzo4frr3p7c5xrmzdpoed4bj6tyzid.onionri6siamiq7rtsp3zj4nk4ypl72glmezwx2f5d6aairnmumjopbyrbnad.oniona7vxrkx7p3hcqgqfqdekl4r3qzhmkxfc6s5q54svtvg45k6jpkzs2byd.onionuftnwdfzt3fhjjwlnr7m47xzueotmhzksqhq4i6buvz322xhuuerlgqd.onion7mbdoe56p6z4ugri6lm7u2gorkfxon4lnjwrz55f6jvx7mb25p4gm6id.onioncahf7uieozj7tolvsygjynzutswn4eflnrzuczwroprve72ygt7kftid.onionsffd6slbwemqphhqqgrocw5ldmwgvjxpgjebxy342qec5g4wxd7myqqd.onion-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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2lPL-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----