‘Child Porn’ Found on Man’s Lost USB Drive

An engineer from Charenton, France, was sentenced to 18 months in prison with a suspended sentence after someone found his USB drive, plugged it into their computer, and discovered more than 300 pictures and videos depicting “child pornography.”

At the sentencing hearing, his partner described him as “loving and caring.” He had a job as a brand consultant and lived in an apartment near the Bois de Vincennes. What people never saw was what the man did in his time alone. He confessed to “crazed” sessions of masterbation to illegal pictures and videos he had discovered on the darknet.

He was identified after an investigation by the police in Charenton. The 34-year-old man was sentenced on July 11 at the court of Créteil to an 18-month suspended sentence with government supervision for duration of his sentence.

The investigation began in February when a technician in a building in Charenton found a USB drive in an elevator. Once home, he took a look at the drive’s contents by plugging it into his computer. He was surprised by what the drive contained: 338 child porn videos.

The technician took the drive to the police. Investigators discovered “professional documents” on the drive. And a name. The name of the now convicted defendant who had been working for large company. The police obtained his address and later searched his house. They found several hundred other videos.

Once in police custody, the suspect told the authorities everything they wanted to know. He admitted that he searched darknet sites to find child pornography that he downloaded and saved to the USB drive. However, the court went easy on him due to his desire to get so-called “treatment” for his addiction.