LSD Supplier "Jesus of Rave" Potentially Compromised by Law Enforcement

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In a message shared on various darkweb forums, the gammagoblin team warned users that law enforcement had potentially arrested one of the oldest and most prolific LSD distributors on the darkweb.
The message was shared with darknetlive, users on Dread, TMG, and a number of sources and connections involved in this community in some capacity. The message, as publicly shared, is available below. The signature is valid in both the public messages and the private message received by darknetlive.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512Hello everyone.We're the gammagoblin team and thereby we confirm that we are hosting the serviceavailable under the domain 'artsmankindxgcv5.onion'.We disclose this info under very special circumstances. We have every reason now to believethat something VERY bad happened to the head of the Church, Jesus of Rave (JoR). By signingthis message with our PGP key we can assure you that this service was not seized by LEand we're the only people who ever had access to the server (JoR just had an access to the backend).That being said, we always have to assume the worst. So if you had any dealings with JoR and you senthim your sensitive info, consider it being now in the hands of LE.This is a huge blow to the whole DNM psychedelic community. This message is especially addressedto the vendors who had active dealings with JoR - please take your time to think through what datayou've sent him and how it could affect you in case it lands in the hands of LE.If you are wondering about the level of our cooperation with JoR, this service was basically our onlyfield of mutual interest, as we went independent with the sourcing many years ago.Disclaimer:All your messages and orders with JoR processed via this service are autoencrypted with his master PGP key.That means even though we have an access to the server, we cannot retrieve any messages / orders / BTC addresses.Please don't message us if you have unfinished business with JoR - we don't know and we don't want to know anythingabout it.As of now, JoR (or anyone who'd be operating on his account) is also unable to connect to the backend to preventany possible data mining. If JoR somehow manages to contact us and prove his identity (not only to us, but alsoClergy members and TMG moderators / administrators), we will restore this service. Otherwise all data will be wipedfrom the server on July 19th, 2019.Stay safe, brothers and sisters.Best regards,The Gammagoblin TeamThis message was generated on July 8th, 2019.Latest BTC block height: 584,471Block hash: 00000000000000000020def7bd54e880fcbff4fbcab68d66846360c515aecf82-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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twML-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
For an ongoing discussion on the topic, follow the Dread post here: Jesus of Rave (JoR) and The Church (TEN) potentially compromised!

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