Jersey Teen Sentenced for Buying Amphetamine on Darkweb

A Jersey teenager who bought amphetamine on the darkweb was sentenced to 150 hours of community service and 12 months of probation. According to information heard in court, the defendant purchased drugs on the darkweb to use and sell to his friends.

In November 2020, customs officers executed a search warrant at the then 16-year-old’s residence. During the search, officers found MDMA pills, amphetamine powder, and LSD. They also seized a laptop computer, USB drive, and other electronic devices.

According to the Jersey Evening Post, investigators found the USB drive plugged into the laptop. It was “discovered to have a browser open on a dark web marketplace selling controlled drugs. The USB stick was later found to hold a program designed to anonymise computer use relating to the internet and emails.” Tails!

A picture of Out of all the fictional dystopian art styles that exist, THIS is the dystopian art style we get? FML

Out of all the fictional dystopian art styles that exist, THIS is the dystopian art style we get? FML

A search of the defendant’s phone resulted in the discovery of messages discussing drug dealing, internet searches related to drug use, and cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Investigators found evidence the defendant had purchased marijuana online, “pictures depicting drug use, large amounts of cash, evidence of the purchase of hundreds of clear plastic zip-lock bags, and a suspected Instagram and Snapchat advert for MDMA.” The defendant also had a text document on his phone outlining plans for drug importation and trafficking.

A picture of Womp womp

Womp womp

“An expert witness valued the seized drugs seized at: two MDMA tablets with with a total value between £40 and £60, as well as 25.45 grams of amphetamine totalling between £1,500 and £2,000, 0.610 grams of amphetamine totalling between £30 and £40, 0.653 grams amphetamine totalling between £30 to £40 and half a tab of LSD worth between £10 and £15.”

At an earlier hearing, the defendant pleaded guilty to possession charges and later admitted arranging to import 35 grams of amphetamine to a friend’s house.

The defendant’s attorney told the court that her client struggled with undiagnosed autism and ADHD and that he primarily used the drugs for “medical purposes.”

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b9325810 Wed, Aug 3, 2022

Drugs are bad

f929e420 Wed, Aug 3, 2022

How high was the editor repeating themselves in the first 2 lines.

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where/how did they repeat themselves??

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It was repetitive for sure. First paragraph and meta description were both included in the content.

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How did he get caught?

0e3c4a20 Sat, Aug 6, 2022

I swear they never explain how people get caught cant even confirm if its even real

566b16b0 Wed, Aug 3, 2022

When ur opsec is so bad you sell drugs on instagram

0654e900 Thu, Aug 4, 2022

Half a tab worth 10-15……………

c6252790 Thu, Aug 4, 2022

I hope he learns from this mistake. Drugs kill u slowly… Don’t do them…

72cf2210 Thu, Aug 4, 2022

what made them investigate on him?

65538660 Thu, Aug 4, 2022

Hooooowwww much for the speed? That is damn near cocaine prices.

f5514050 Fri, Aug 5, 2022

Cop “math” is not the same as regular human math

9c84e540 Mon, Aug 8, 2022

yeah these prices are all over the place this “expert witness” must have been hit in the head a few times before making his guesstimation

a65828b0 Mon, Aug 8, 2022

he was a fockin genius like for real

4cd4a020 Tue, Aug 9, 2022

What lead up to him getting caught?

e9ada450 Wed, Aug 10, 2022

He’s a dumb, young douche bag..thats how he got caught.

59c76ff0 Thu, Aug 11, 2022

Their “expert witness” is…. Not an expert

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