Intercepted Meth Package Results in 87-Month Prison Sentence

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A United States District Judge sentenced a man from Huntington, West Virginia, to 87 months in federal prison for attempting to receive almost a kilogram of methamphetamine through the United States Postal Service.
United States Attorney Mike Stuart announced that United States District Judge Robert C. Chambers had sentenced Stewart Longworth Jordan, III, to 87 months in federal prison. Earlier this year, Jordan pleaded guilty to attempted possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine. The charge stemmed from an incident that took place in November 2018. The event is described in Jordan’s plea agreement (excerpt below).
On November 9, 2018, [Jordan] went to the residence located at 1019 1/2 Euclid Place in Huntington, Cabell County, within the Southern District of West Virginia to pick up a box of methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled substance, which was mailed from the State of Nevada.

The box was intercepted earlier that day at the Huntington Post Office and postal inspectors located approximately 1 kilogram of methamphetamine in the box. Inspectors removed the methamphetamine from the box, placed a small quantity of methamphetamine back in the box, and delivered the box to the residence. After inspectors delivered the box, I came to the residence in a vehicle and retrieved the box from the porch of the residence.

I was then stopped in possession of the box and arrested. I intended to possess the quantity of methamphetamine mailed from Nevada and the methamphetamine was intended for distribution.

Stewart Longworth Jordan | via The Herald Dispatch

“Mr. Jordon was peddling in the very poisons that have deeply harmed our communities and our families,” said United States Attorney Mike Stuart. “We stopped him before he was able to distribute that poison in Huntington and beyond. Law enforcement okay-ed a critical role in protecting our community and families from more damage.”
On November 9, 2018, before Jordan had picked up the package, an inspector with the United States Postal Inspection Service “located” the package at a Post Office in Huntington, West Virginia. The package, as described in Jordan’s statement, originated from Nevada. The Postal Inspector discovered more than two pounds of methamphetamine inside the package.
Authorities then removed the majority of the methamphetamine and conducted a controlled delivery of the package. After the arrest, Jordan admitted that he had intended to distribute the methamphetamine.
Jordan pleaded guilty to one count of attempted possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine in early March 2020. U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart announced the result of Jordan’s sentencing hearing on June 16, 2020.
“Postal Inspectors play a critical role in our drug enforcement efforts,” said United States Attorney Mike Stuart. “In this one instance, USPS intercepted more than two pounds of meth on its way to Jordan, which he intended to sell. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s legal to ship.”

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well that blows for him. I think you are a shitty person in general for selling meth. so he deserves it all 87 ass fuckings. well not really. He deserves like a year in jail and 1 assfucking for a kilo. his sentence is a bit steep.


I couldn’t agree more with what was said above me. I was thinking every same thought while reading the post. Im assuming the 7.25 year sentence is because homeboy didn’t talk. He knew what he was getting into and didn’t take anyone down because he got taken down.


But he doesnt snitched.

how, why2020-06-18

why did they look into a domestic package??? maybe tipped off or something. domestics always land.


This was just sheer luck, the inspector finding the meth that is. There must have been something wrong with the package overall appearance. Maybe handwritten label, way to obvious fictitious names on the addresses, or worst, using overnight without a care of signature upon delivery, which is in my honest opinion suspect, I mean, who wants their mail sent so fast however not care if the receiver gets it on time by signing for the package so sender can fullfill their part. Or they are training them thouroughly on the latest DNMarket stealth protocols. Maybe the vendor was busted recently and they found vendor/buyer database. Maybe the vendor is being watched. The guy arrested must have been active in the community to have found a seller sending out real kilos of meth. I wonder if it was that odd fellow, meth9000 or something like that.

I <3 Darknetlive2020-06-18

Very interesting 7 eleven. I am curious to to know exactly how it was intercepted, but I am sure it was probably one of the things you mentioned.


I'm also curious how the domestic pack was intercepted. That package could have been a kilo of hard rock candy for they know unless they field tested it, which...I don't see them doing.


The article says he went to the home to pick it up, seems like it was probably a fake address.


Vendor may have been le sorta like they do with guns.


Vendor may have been le sorta like they do with guns.

Might have been LE2020-06-20

Or they were watching him


"Inspectors subsequently delivered the package to a residence in Huntington and Jordan arrived at the residence to collect the package." From the press release. His address was burned for sure, the local carrier probably alerted USPIS when an empty house started getting deliveries & someone was picking them up.


Why remove most of the product? Why not nail them with all of it? Something doesn’t add up.


Y remove most of the product? Y not catch them with the whole package? Something isn’t adding up.


this is 99\% chance a case of a sting operation by LE (LEO running a vendor page that this guy purchased from) or a case of a vendor being compromised and co-operating with LEO. Those are the only 2 scenarios where LEO would charge with Attempted Possession rather than possession. the attempted possession was even created because in the 80s/90s LE were doing sting operations with powdered sugar instead of cocaine so they had to create this to be able to charge ppl.


the real answer is someone in wv knew he was getting that pack . someone ratted him out .


ok so I kind of understand why they didn't just put 1kg back in the box and continue to mail it - if it was intercepted or got onto the streets in some way LE couldn't prevent they would have made a very big mistake. So obviously not an LE operation from the vendor side, seems postal inspector reported it and took most of it out and was probably instructed to or LE left the bag in the box and watched it. >"Law enforcement okay-ed a critical role" >..."I was then stopped in possession of the box and arrested. I intended to possess the quantity of methamphetamine mailed from Nevada and the methamphetamine was intended for distribution." He definitely talked to his lawyer or knew to word this intentionally, IMO he is VERY FUCKING LUCKY to get 87 months. He could be in prison for life. But the question I have is what if the vendor had some link to the return address? What if they didn't use one and even went into a distro center? LE would be looking to retrace this package...

Jesus Harold Christ2020-06-21

fuck him piece of shit selling meth

Christ is a cunt2020-06-21

Fuck you for wanting to control what drugs people can do. Drugs are drugs and as the drug war has proven, prohibition is immoral, ineffective, and just plain stupid. Though I only smoke weed, I don't presume I have the right to decide what another adult wants to do with their body, especially on a site about darknet market news. Take your judgement, shove it up your ass and die, you piece of shit fascist fuck.


The postmaster most likely tried a failed extortion attempt the pack was probably one of several. The post man may be sitting in 3-10lbs now himself.

Postal Inspector2020-06-23

Maybe y’all shouldn’t assume the postal inspector was human.

Christ Is Indeed A Cunt2020-06-23

Well said!!!! Down with prohibition of all drugs! Fuck anyone who wants to control what other adults do with their own bodies! Until ALL drugs are legal we are all just slaves to this fascist system!!

Dildos Spawn2020-06-27

Meth and heroin are for losers. People selling meth to losers are even bigger losers.


I'm 12 and I can call anyone a loose ruhduh derp


who are they to punish people just because they are using drugs It fucking pisses me off, i wish there was a anarchist island somewhere on earth god damn it Tired of all the goverments telling us what we can and can't do! Fuck them i can put whatever i want to in my own fucking body


I just wanna point out, that a massive amount of meth gets shipped out of Vegas every day... and less than 20\% has any connection to DN markets... it aint all about you


IT SHOULD BE OF NO CONCERN TO ANYBODY WHAT ONE ADULT PUTS IN THERE BODY. FUCK THE FAILED DRUG WAR. Think about it, what good has come to the community by putting this man in jail for 7 years? NOTHING, ONLY BAD. The drugs will still be used by people and now this mans family is torn apart. Once he is released he will never be able to find a job that pays a living wage, thus the cycle continues. THE WAR ON DRUGS IS A WAR ON THE PEOPLE


Too anyone that says he's a piece of shit for selling meth, go fuck yourself. There are people like myself that enjoy using meth. Some ppl sadly don't use it responsibiity doesn't mean everyone that uses meth are bad people. If you don't like meth then that's your business, but too say whoever uses meth are losers is ridiclous.


Too anyone that says he's a piece of shit for selling meth, go fuck yourself. There are people like myself that enjoy using meth. Some ppl sadly don't use it responsibiity doesn't mean everyone that uses meth are bad people. If you don't like meth then that's your business, but too say whoever uses meth are losers is ridiclous.


Especially here on the dark web... Most people reading this article on this website buy or sell drugs on the dark web. Ive bought meth on the dark web and intend to start selling it there too. Freedom of choice is important. People are going to do what they're going to do. Anyone who uses one drug and condemns the use of another is in denial about their own drug addiction imo. I'm more addicted to Marijuana than I am to methamphetamine. Is easy to look at someone doing worse than yourself as a way to justify your own behavior. I guarantee the kids above condemning meth users are in fact drug addicts themselves who also have never tried meth. No matter how much weed they smoke or how many of fistfulls of Xanax they take they don't have a problem as long as that guy over there is smoking crack. I don't think that's a smart position to take. Get real with yourself. You're a drug addict and should stop doing drugs same as me.

dick penison2020-07-13

@here 100\% beautifully summed up. Thats the exact reason why shows like intervention and 600 pound life are so popular. people love looking at others doing "worse" then themselves. when somebody stuffs 50 double cheeseburgers in their face a day i dont have to feel bad about that tub of ice cream i ate and puked back up. Or when somebody is cooking fentaynl in a spoon and injecting it into scrotum hes the junky!!! not me even though i take such big dabs i cough up flegm and cant breath for some time after. but i could quit any time i want!!! just kidding

simo full burger of necta2020-07-22

100\% agree, you should have the right to put what ever you want in your own body, long as some poor innocent person doesn't suffer from your actions and you indulge to battle your demons responsibly, another thing that has to be done, when is the government gonna legalise all these compounds and elimate the cat and mouse game that never ends, save billions on budgets, and make billions by taking control of the market and phasing out these cartels that are taking billions out of the economy, they will come to there senses one day soon, and the biggest question that will be asked is "why the fuc didn't we get in on the action earlier?" lol