Heroin Vendor PerpetualEuphoria Sentenced to Prison

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A Washington man was sentenced to federal prison for selling heroin through darkweb marketplaces.
Zachary Madding, 31, of Mill Creek, Washington, admitted selling heroin through AlphaBay and Dream Market under the username PerpetualEuphoria.

Zachary Madding | Herald File

Madding operated a vendor account from 2016 through his arrest in May 2018. During that time, the vendor account had processed 1,600 transactions worth more than $72,000 from the sales. His drug trafficking operation ended after law enforcement discovered drugs and packaging material during an unrelated investigation. In May 2018, law enforcement and medics responded to an incident at Madding’s hotel room involving Madding and his girlfriend. She had accused Madding of spraying fentanyl up her nose and forcing Xanax down her throat. Police arrested Madding at the scene and searched the hotel room.
During the search of the hotel room, police found false IDs, shipping material, drug sales records, crushed Xanax pills, and fentanyl spray. Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service subsequently launched an investigation into Madding’s activities. They established that Madding had been selling heroin on various darkweb marketplaces from at least 2016. Investigators also found that Madding had processed more than 1,600 orders through the vendor account PerpetualEuphoria on Alphabay, Dream Market, Hansa Market, and TradeRoute. He earned $72,000 through the account.

Madding's vendor account on Recon

USPS Inspector-in-Charge Anthony Galetti:
“Without question, this is a major step in shutting down large-scale Dark web drug dealers. Madding alone was responsible for over 1600 shipments of illegal and deadly narcotics to communities around the country. The sentencing of a vendor like him disrupts a truly deadly supply chain and his removal from the community will undoubtedly save lives.
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is tasked with investigating any criminal use of the U.S. Mail, and the shipment of illegal narcotics remains one of our highest priorities. We thank Mukilteo Police Department and HSI for their assistance in bringing Madding to justice.”

Madding appeared before the U.S. District Court in Seattle for sentencing on May 24, 2021. Speaking during the hearing U.S. District Judge James L. Robart said, “The person who is before me is not a good person. He is a common criminal who is engaged in the most serious behavior…. On the dark web, you have no idea who you are dealing with… Because of your actions, there are 1,600 families out there who are going through the pain of addiction.”
He then sentenced Madding to five years in federal prison.