Here Are the Things You Can't Buy or Sell on Darkweb Markets

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Darkweb marketplaces are not lawless bazaars without codes of conduct. The majority allow the sale of an assortment of drugs, software, and fraud-related services. Murder-for-hire services, weapons, and content depicting child abuse are prohibited on almost every market.White House Market
White House Market, under their User Guide, says that the following listings are unacceptable:

  • No child or animal pornography.
  • No murder for hire.
  • No human or animal exploitation/abuse.
  • No terrorism related products, services, or propaganda.
  • No weapons (less-than-lethal weapons included, e.g. rubber bullets or flashbangs), explosives or poisons.
  • No tutorials, no “get rich quick” schemes. Most of those are low effort and have no real value. [The market says that they do not even have a “tutorials” category, but if you have something unusually helpful, they may make exceptions.]
  • No Fentanyl or similar substances.
  • No transfers (Pay $300 get $1000 via Western Union) kind of stuff.
  • No “miracle Coronavirus cures”. Coronavirus discounts are fine, products claiming to be cures are not (misleading)
  • Nothing that our administrators can consider unacceptable, at our own discretion.
  • Acceptable listings: almost anything else [drugs, digital goods, fraud, etc.]
  • Monopoly Market
    Monopoly Market does not appear to have an official “banned items” list. However, the only types of items that are sold on the market are drugs. The categories at present are benzos, cannabis, dissociatives, ecstasy, opioids, prescription, psychedelics, steroids, and stimulants. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that all other types of items (weapons, digital goods, fraud, etc.) are not allowed at present.
    On top of this, Monopoly has to manually approve any items that are being sold on the market, so this prevents any disallowed items from going up for sale.Darkmarket
    Darkmarket lists the following items as banned under their “Rules” section:

  • Contract killing, harmful or violent products or services
  • Fentanyl, Carfentanil and any synthetic structural analog equivalent
  • Guns / Weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, mame human beings or animals in any way shape or form
  • Explosives, precursors or any chemical used to produce explosives / devices
  • Child / Animal / Violent Pornography
  • GHB / Royhipnal / Date Rape Drugs
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human / Animal Organs and/or body parts
  • Livestock / Any animal living [or] deceased

  • In addition, they also say that the following are “actionable offences”:

  • Doxxing
  • FUD
  • Threats and/or actual violence
  • Discrimination / Hate Speech
  • Making false and/or unfounded accusations
  • Versus Market
    Versus Market’s rules for vendors are simple:[list=1]
  • No pornography or pornographic media, including paedophilia, zoophilia, or torture.
  • No dangerous weaponry, paraphernalia or substances of any sort, including semi-automatic weapons, explosives, knives, poisons, acids, diseases, nuclear or biological weapons, harmful/lethal gases or similar toxins, or weapons of mass destruction. Exceptions may be made for tasers, pepper spray/mace, nonlethal weapons, decorative/deactivated weapons for aesthetic purposes, antiques for collectible purposes, and fakes.
  • No doxxing [sic], either in full or in part. Threats of doxxing, blackmail, extortion, or the saving of any shipping or personal information about the customer by vendors past the point at which it is necessary to fulfill the order are also disallowed.
  • No advertising of services relating to harm, either physical or mental, or murder, including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance or harassment of any person or persons, red room services, or services for hacking, DDoSing, or phishing of any site and/or business.
  • No selling of any fentanyl or product containing fentanyl.
  • No sales or discussion of garlic bread. This rule is non-negotiable. Sales of the products required to create garlic bread are allowed, but not in bulk. Guides or discussion of the creation of garlic bread is strictly forbidden.

  • It is unclear as to why garlic bread is forbidden, but it is in the rules, so it applies.Square Market
    Square Market is, at the time of this writing, closed for maintenance, and thus, no rules are listed. The announcement on its homepage reads:
    We’re re-organizing our team and fixing a lot of outstanding quirks and half-functional features.
    This is a long-term process, and the last few months have been an incredibly painful and stressful time for all of us.
    So, we’re taking a deep breath, organizing our thoughts, and prepping to come back hard with a lot of polish.
    Darknet markets are the absolute highest pressure and dangerous arena for anyone to be involved in, and we are, at the end of the day, just ordinary people like you, your family, your friends.
    So, we humbly inform you that we are taking a few weeks to grind, train additional staff, and improve our tech and documentation.
    A stressed and fatigued mind can only make mistakes, and that, as we know, is fatal.DeepSea Market
    Under their FAQ, DeepSea Market lists the following items as not allowed:

  • Child porn/child abuse material
  • Bitcoin money making guides
  • Porn accounts
  • Hitman services offerings/weapons or discussions
  • Fentanyl (or related products)
  • Cannazon Market
    Cannazon only sells cannabis-related items and paraphernalia, so other drugs, like psychedelics and stimulants, are banned. The following items are also prohibited:

  • Ammunition
  • Animal pornography
  • Anything in relation to social or “teen leaks”
  • Bombs
  • Child pornography
  • Digital goods
  • Explosives
  • Human organs
  • Human trafficking
  • Living animals
  • Murder for hire
  • Snuff films
  • Terrorism related products
  • Toxins or poisons
  • Weapons
  • Vice City
    Vice City bans the following items:

  • No Weapons / Explosives
  • No Hitmen / Murder for Hire Services
  • No Fentanyl (including any analogue)
  • No stolen data containing any information of any user under 21 years of age
  • No Doxxing or Doxxing services
  • No Pornography of any type. This includes “porn accounts.”
  • ToRReZ Market
    ToRReZ Market, under their FAQ, lists the following items as banned:

  • Child pornography or any resources that might lead to it
  • Any items connected to selling humans or their parts are prohibited.
  • We do not allow selling Fentanyl or any other poison.
  • We do not allow to sell [sic] guns, explosives, or any items which may lead to terroristic actions.
  • Any kind of “transfers” between money related accounts like PayPal, Western Union, etc. are prohibited.
  • All kind [sic] of topupable credit cards, prepaid credit cards are prohibited.

  • In addition, they mention “If you feel some item is not allowed, but it is actively listed, use the Report button, and we review it.”CannaHome
    CannaHome’s support team mentioned that they only allow cannabis products and shrooms. Everything else is prohibited.Cypher Market
    Cypher Market, under their rules, designates the following:

  • No contact outside the market allowed. All orders and communication must go through the marketplace. Wickr and other ways of communication are forbidden.
  • It is not allowed to sell weapons, explosives, fentanil, carfentanil, CP or anything that is harmful [sic] to humanbeings [sic].
  • It is not allowed to threaten someone, dox or blackmail.
  • Scamming is not allowed in any way or form, this includes feedbackpadding [sic].
  • Asking for FE without having permission is forbidden.
  • Dark0de
    Dark0de, in their rules section, lists these items as being banned, as well as the penalties for trying to sell them:
    It is strictly forbidden, under any circumstances to promote the sale of Child Pornography, Fentanyl or Fentanyl related products and any product or service related to terrorism. Violating this rule will result in actions against your account, such as cancellation of listings, suspension or forfeiture of payments, and removal of selling privileges or your removal of your account entirely.
    If your account will be suspended for a fixed period of time because of a rule violation we will give you 1 working week to attend to open orders and messages. After this period your vendor account will be locked until the suspension period is over.
    An account ban for a very serious violation results in losing everything connected to that account.Yellow Brick Market
    On Yellow Brick’s homepage (even before you register or log in), they list the following as prohibited:

  • Selling Fent
  • Poisons, Explosives, or Weapons
  • Items related to terrorism
  • Child porn or abusive/exploitive porn (Snuff, bestiality, revenge, rape, etc.)
  • No selling Russian information
  • No selling to Russian citizens

  • They also note that you will be permanently banned if you are:

  • Sharing contact information such as Wickr, Jabber, or email
  • Advertising any other marketplace
  • Being an asshole
  • Invictus Market
    Invictus is offline at the time of this writing, and has been for several days. It’s unclear whether this is due to a DDoS attack or some other reason. Its list of banned items does not seem to be located elsewhere either.Tor Market
    Under its rules section, Tor Market designates the following criteria for vendors (there is also a copy under Tor Market):

  • Product listings must be medications, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  • No fentanyl or its analogs.
  • No fake drugs or inaccurate descriptions.
  • No shipping to USA.
  • No impersonating other vendors. Avoid similar vendor names.
  • Do not deceive other users of the system.
  • Do not program automated requests without asking permission first.
  • Personal information in messages, orders, and support tickets must be encrypted with PGP. This includes tracking numbers, and address details.
  • If a vendor does not visit this site for 7 days and not in vacation mode, their products listings may be automatically disabled.
  • The administrator may remove product listings and disable accounts to enforce these rules.
  • Payments owing to buyers from refunds, expired, or declined orders will be held for 21 days waiting for buyer to enter the wallet address. After 21 days the funds may be removed from the system.
  • Russian vendors can request a lower commission rate of 3.5%.
  • Daeva Market
    On its forum, Daeva Market specifies these rules (for both the market and the forum):

  • No child porn including discussion.
  • No weapons.
  • No blackmail of any kind.
  • No dox information.
  • No human trafficking.
  • No Fentanyl including analogues.
  • No murder for hire.
  • No violent services.
  • ASEAN Market
    ASEAN Market’s rules prohibit the following products from being sold:

  • Contract killing, harmful or violent products or service[s]
  • Guns / Weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, mame human beings or animals in any way shape or form
  • Explosives, precursors or any chemical used to produce explosives / devices
  • Child / Animal / Violent Pornography
  • Human Trafficking
  • Human / Animal Organs and/or body parts
  • Livestock / Any animal living of deceased
  • Deadly Poison
  • Lab research Virus[es]
  • Fentanyl
  • WESTERN UNION TRANSFER ※ Credit Card Transfer
  • Canadian Headquarters
    In its rules, Canadian Headquarters specifies these stipulations for vendors, some of which are used to prevent scams:
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to offer, sell or help in selling the following goods:

  • Fentanyl and analogues
  • Poisons
  • Hitman services
  • Firearms
  • Underage videos
  • Explosives

  • They also indicate that:
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to ship drugs to the US. USA fraud is not welcome here.
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to disrespect anyone with their name.
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to interfere with buyer’s feedback, offer something in exchange or request positive feedback.
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to ask buyer [sic] to finalize transaction [sic] early or pay before they receive the product.
    Sellers are required to have proof of the goods sold:

  • Bank log requires video proof with timestamp and logging inside with username visible at the time of delivery
  • Credit card requires screenshot or call recorded that card is valid and [has] balance
  • Method requires video proof that it works at the time of delivery
  • Shipping goods could require tracking number

  • Only verified sellers are allowed to ship cards as a service.
    Sellers are NOT ALLOWED to falsely advertise products; product descriptions must be accurate.DarkFox Market
    DarkFox Market specializes in a variety of goods, including drugs, digital products, and fraud items. Their rules indicate the following:

  • Do not advertise other marketplaces.
  • Do not offer/accept any offers on how to complete deals outside the marketplace.
  • Do not offer/accept offers to use an outside escrow service.
  • Be respectful to others. No flaming, which means no insults nor abuse.
  • Do not create duplicate auctions. Multiple identical auctions aren’t allowed.
  • No child pornography.
  • No beastiality [sic].
  • No firearms.
  • No ammunition.
  • No explosives.
  • No poison.
  • No living things, humans, animals, organs, etc.
  • No assassinations/contract killings.
  • The staff has the final say on all the subjective matters and all the matters not listed in the rules.
  • Flugsvamp 3.0
    Flugsvamp also does not appear to have an official list of banned items anywhere. Despite this, the only items that it sells are drugs, such as cannabis products, benzodiazepines, and psychedelics. It’s probably safe to assume that other products, such as weapons and hacked accounts, are banned.Hydra
    Of all the markets mentioned here, the Russian market Hydra has the most complex set of rules, possibly due to the legal repercussions. Be that as it may, the main rules that pertain to vendors and what they can sell are:

  • It is strictly forbidden to sell products (or distribute services) that fall under the category of life-threatening: weapons, poisons (note - cyanide), contract killings or other services to harm physical or mental health, explosives, as well as carding, classified state information , pornographic materials, viruses or other tools for the commission of criminal activities through cyber attacks.
  • It is forbidden to disclose personal data of users without their consent, penalties are provided for violation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sell addresses (or “make treasures”) located near educational institutions (schools, kindergartens and other institutions, the contingent of which is minors), in playgrounds (sandboxes, carousels, etc.), cemeteries and memorials, near law enforcement and security agencies of any level and type (Ministry of Internal Affairs, UKON, OVD, traffic police, FSB, etc.). For this violation, a penalty is provided in the form of a fine.
  • It is prohibited to sell surfactants (psychoactive substances) under false names and brand names, without specifying the real (well-known) name of the substance. For an initial violation a warning, for a repeated fine
  • It is prohibited to sell one substance under the guise of another, which is referred to as “substitution of goods”. For an initial violation, a fine, for a repeated ban.

  • The full set of rules can be found at HYDRA: RulesMega
    Mega’s rules for vendors are written in Russian, but they loosely translate as follows:
    Rules for Sellers[list=1]
  • Trading activity on the Site is allowed exclusively from the Seller’s account, after providing all the necessary information: store name, store description (short and complete), store rules, cost and description of the goods and services sold.
  • For products from the Substances category, the Seller is obliged to attach a photo to each product with the inscription “”, the name of the store and the date of adding the product, which confirms the availability of this product by the Seller. The use of graphic editors for image processing is not allowed. For violation of the rule, the Store will be closed until all defects are eliminated.
  • The seller is fully responsible for the activities of his store and all its employees (Administrators, Support, Couriers). The activity of the store takes place within the framework of the Rules of the trading platform, as well as the Store Rules established by the Seller, posted on the Store page.
  • Sale and / or rent of the Store is not allowed. For violation of this rule, the Store will be closed permanently.
  • Sale of one product under the guise of another is not allowed. For an initial violation of the rule, the Seller is subject to a fine; in case of a repeated violation, the Store will be closed without the possibility of restoration.
  • Sale and / or issue of goods, distribution of jabber / telegram contacts and / or other means of communication, links to third-party resources in personal and public messages, requesting contacts from users (except for job applicants) are not allowed. All transactions must take place within the functionality of the MEGA trading platform. For an initial violation of the rule, the Seller is subject to a fine; in case of a repeated violation, the Store will be closed without the possibility of restoration.
  • It is not allowed to sell treasures in the vicinity of educational institutions (schools, kindergartens and other institutions with a contingent of minors), near playgrounds (sandboxes, carousels, etc.), near law enforcement and security agencies of any level and type (Ministry of Internal Affairs, UKON, OVD, traffic police, FSB and others). For an initial violation of the rule, the Seller is subject to a fine; in case of a repeated violation, the Store will be closed without the possibility of restoration.
  • It is not allowed to sell ready-made items (treasures) that do not contain useful information (so-called “empty addresses”). For violation of this rule, the Store will be closed.

    Other conditions[list=1]
  • Attempts to deanonymize users, hack the trading platform software, guess passwords for accounts and other destructive actions are not allowed. Users who disregard the rule will be blocked.
  • Direct insults, obscene language (mat), mass mailings (spam), mass messages without meaning (flooding) are not allowed. Users who disregard the rule will be blocked.
  • Neptune Market
    Compared to most other markets, Neptune has a very basic set of rules:[list=1]
  • Weapons, child porn, and murder services are not permitted.
  • Publishing or threatening to publish private data is not permitted.
  • Be kind to one another and act with integrity.
  • Tor2Door Market
    Like Neptune Market, Tor2Door has a very simple list of banned items, which is as follows:

  • Child porn
  • Prostitution
  • Weapons
  • Murder services
  • Terrorism
  • Poison
  • Fentanyl

  • At present, these are the known rules for all of the major darknet markets. There is a possibility that some will change, so it’s good to check back on the official sites from time to time. Should you decide to become a vendor, you may want to check here first!