Pedophiles are Upgrading their OPSEC Guides on Darkweb Forums

Security guides from various Internet criminal communities aren’t all that uncommon. Over the years we have seen such guides posted onto drug forums, hacking forums, extremism forums, and well child abuse forums. Two weeks ago on one of the larger forums an account posted a security guide that is catered towards Internet child abuse offenders. This one specifically is an iteration to an older guide and is provided as HTML pages that the user is able to navigate offline.

Overall it contains what you would expect out of any other Whonix guide you would find on the Internet. Being that Whonix is at it’s core a security focused operating system, any introduction to it is going to inherently be very security focused. Many will say that using Tor is super easy, just download the software and you’re off to the races. While that is true, where do you go next, where do you find websites to visit? The point being anyone who actually wants to use Tor is most likely going to Google it and stumble upon similar guides.

A Screenshot of a Guide Introducing Whonix

A Screenshot of a Guide Introducing Whonix

But regardless of it’s content not being anything special, it is significant because it’s another glimpse into the determined effort made by this group to stay secure. For far to long many experts haven’t taken these higher level organized Internet child abuse groups seriously, and we have seen it show by the gargantuan amount of child abuse imagery being discovered by law enforcement around the world currently. While it is accurate that the majority of child abuse content is hosted on clearnet servers, for download speed purposes, the aggregation and curation of all of that happens within these darknet abuse forums. Which has taken us to a point where we are essentially playing whack-a-mole chasing clearnet criminals while the main culprits of the problem continue to operate on the darknet.

The number from NCMEC that 90% of the reports it received in 2018 were from Facebook was one hell of a revelation. But it’s not all that surprising, at the moment Facebook out of all social media websites probably has the most advanced technology in production to detect such content. They also probably have the most global user base out of all the social media companies, the Coke-A-Cola of technology. These reports would have come from all over the world, not just the United States. Also, Facebook being an American company, all of it’s reports go to NCMEC essentially by default. This is relevant to understand because it would be wrong to conclude that because Facebook reports the most, it actually contains the most as well. Surely the simplest conclusion is that it only contains the most out of those who have reported to NCMEC for that year. While they did mention uniqueness which could point to Facebook being the first place of upload for that content, that is very unlikely. It is out of the scope of this piece but they’re various factors that could point to why that number was discovered. I don’t distribute the number, I believe it’s accurate, but again remember that aren’t scanning everything on the Internet.

A Screenshot of a Guide Explaining PGP Signatures

A Screenshot of a Guide Explaining PGP Signatures

Understanding how these communities exist and operate is essential in preventing it from making its way to the clearnet level on a widely available platform like Facebook. I’d even argue that it’s somewhat from lack of pressure, take down, and action against these darknet communities that has allowed for the increase of availability found on the clearnet currently. And it will be crucial in the coming years for law enforcement to approach this problem with an understanding of it’s organized nature.

Obviously, in this context playing whack-a-mole is very much worth it in an effort at saving children from the hands of abusers. But at the same time, we need to give sufficient attention to the so called head of this monster that is child abuse imagery online so that we can work to lower the amount of availability of it on the Internet. Part of that work is understanding the operation and sophistication that is used by the main group of distributors and organizers. Thus an understanding of the kinds of software tools used by such actors can only help to further that endeavor.

Note: I have redacted parts from the screenshots that might assist someone attempting to find this through searches. I sought to locate this guide via searches on the clearnet and was unsuccessful. If I had been successful I would have withheld from publishing this.

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4c5963f0 Thu, Oct 31, 2019

It conflicts the DNM community and indeed the Tor, and internet-privacy advocates as a whole that every step we take in securing our own communications is being utilized by these sick fucks to secure theirs.

fe3b6fe0 Fri, Nov 1, 2019

Joe. There are no conflicts. Not to promote paedophilia (obviously). No rules exist for what goes on or stays on the network which is kinda the whole point of the tor network nowadays; circumvent clear net rules and regs. By regulating the network you will inevitably regulate the “good” communities as well as the “bad” ones and cause there is no centralised authority - who makes the rules? Answer: no-one. If you don’t like that truth you shouldn’t be using the dark Web. It is used by pedos spies terrorists political dissidents etc who is right and wrong for using it? The answer is down to differing opinion. Can’t have it both ways. You either have an network like tor that allows the bad guys to use it as well as the good or you take away the power of tor and start restricting its use like the government and world superpowers do. You have to reach that compromise

9e9b2de0 Fri, Nov 1, 2019

Yeah ur right but bruh if you agree with pedophilia and stuff like that ur dumb af. Ofc its sadly part of tor and that probably wont change cuz of the reasons u mentioned but yet still we should look with shame on such things. One thing is buying drugs for yourself and not affecting a single other person on this world and another thing is rape/pedophilia etc. Ofc there is both in life and on Tor especially but I mean if u cant see the big diference and think both is okay and equally bad then well Im outta here not wasting my time w sick guy. You seem like you genuinely dont care and is ok with it happening, I dont feel that way tho. Crack down those shit ass sites you have my full support LE.

89bec750 Sun, Nov 3, 2019

The only way Christopher found this guide was by accessing and looking at children. You have to love these closet pedos. Fake news.

43ae24f0 Sun, Nov 3, 2019

Thinking drugs don’t harm people is nonsense and i can’t believe anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence could say something like that. Drugs affect many peoples lives in a most adverse way. If you stop the drug sites are you going to stop the drugs? Hell no!
If you stop the Pedo sites, are you stopping pedophillia? Hell no!
“bobscope” is right, if you decide today that pedos should be crushed here, what comes tomorrow? There will always be a war on someone. Witches, gays, terrorists and now Pedos.

I don’t condone rape of any sort but pedos have been around since the beginning of time and child erotica was a normal thing until recently when the hysteria started. Growing up everyone i knew had been touched in some way or another, some had been hurt and wished death on their abuser but many i knew then and also today, enjoyed what they did and think nothing of it. Same went for girls and boys. It was a part of life that has always been around and will...

22aaf0a0 Mon, Nov 4, 2019

G touches kids and tries to rationalize it with long bull shit statements like above

931c39c0 Wed, Nov 6, 2019

You are saying that pedophilia is not a bad thing as long as nobody is harmed..

I disagree, children should NOT be touched by anyone as they are only children..it is disgusting.
I am worried about your kids you probably touch them you sick person

Government need to go after the pedophiles on the internet and also the pedophiles in the government.

0b1a1130 Sun, Nov 10, 2019

“pedos have been around since the beginning of time and child erotica was a normal thing until recently when the hysteria started.”

Comparing witches to pedophiles is delusional.

Kill yourself if you’d honestly sit by while children are being touched inappropriately. It’s not normal and and shouldn’t be normal ever. Only when societies degrade do sick actions like this seem “normal”.

Fuck you for trying to justify any of it.

201a7a20 Mon, Nov 18, 2019


e0864280 Mon, Nov 18, 2019

G please go die, for the sake of the children. you clearly are a fucking pedo making bullshit statements like that. closet pedo you fucking bacon

25a1aa20 Wed, Nov 20, 2019

Let me state first:

A person that harms a kid in any way, be it physically, emotionally or sexually, deserves the harshest possible sentence.

Now picture Mr. Joe or Mrs. Doe going to a livestream on YouTube and watching a couple of 10-year old girls showing off their latest gymnastics moves, only dressed in their hot panties, howling with laughter, and altogether having a great time.

What will happen today?

Google/YouTube will delete the clip and close the account quicker than you can say “excuse me”.
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Doe risk a visit by law enforcement officers and a lenghty stay in prison if they saved the clip to their harddisk.
The 10-year old girls will be in tears because YouTube closed their account.

Let this sink in:

The vast majority of so called “Child Pornography” today is produced by little girls and boys, on their own, by their own choice, willingly and eagerly.

165a13e0 Thu, Dec 19, 2019

Hi, we are z0loft and we are fighting too against such degenerated pieces of shit.
We tell all non pedos (we are doing our best too) to find such websites or guides and trace them back.
Those little degenerated pieces of shit deserve to be raided or killed.
Thats the right way to go after people who harm children or even kill them.
If we find you better pray you die of a sudden heart attack you motherfuckers.

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