German Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Euros

~1 min read | Published on 2018-08-03, tagged ArrestedCounterfeitsCurrency using 170 words.

A 27-year-old man appeared before the Criminal Court of Caen (Calvados) for trying to sell counterfeit euro notes he had purchased on the darknet.
In Court

The man claimed, in court, that he had never purchased any counterfeit notes, but the prosecution reportedly knew that he had ordered the notes and when he had ordered the notes. The entire transaction, they said, was monitored. In 2017, the man ordered five counterfeit 50 notes, the prosecution explained to the court.
He had used the darknet as evidenced by the presence of the Tor browser on his computer, a bitcoin wallet, and transactions that matched the purchase and shipment of counterfeit notes. Not even one month ago, the man had ordered more counterfeit notes using bitcoin, the prosecution added, pointing out that the man had attempted to destroy his laptop and other evidence before the trial.

At the Criminal Court of Caen (Calvados), the 27-year-old man received a prison sentence of only six months. He adamantly denied any guilt, but the courtroom remained unconvinced.