German Man Avoids Jail in Marijuana Possession Case

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A German man, 26, avoided prison after admitting that he had purchased marijuana on the darkweb at least nine times. A judge sentenced the defendant to a suspended sentence of one year and ten months instead of jail time.
In 2019, police in Dortmund, Germany, arrested a darkweb vendor. The vendor had been selling marijuana on an undisclosed marketplace, according to prosecutors. Investigators obtained a list of the vendor’s customers. While examining the records, investigators identified the 26-year-old defendant as a repeat customer.
Pursuant to an arrest warrant, the police arrested the man at Augsburg Central Station. After the arrest, the police searched the defendant’s apartment. Police discovered three cannabis plants in a bedroom closet.
During one hearing, the defendant told the court that he had first used cannabis in 2013. He explained that he had turned to the darkweb to avoid dependence on local suppliers. The prosecution expressed concern over the defendant’s willingness to buy drugs online. “It is not much different than when you order something through Amazon,” the defendant said. During an interview with police, the defendant admitted ordering between 20 and 100 grams of marijuana.
The defendant told the court that he had stopped using drugs after his arrest. The defendant also explained that he would lose his job if sentenced to prison. The prosecution noted the defendant’s lifestyle changes in its sentencing recommendation. Prosecutor Benjamin Junghans congratulated the 26-year-old for the sobriety. During the hearing, Junghans asked the court for a suspended sentence of one year and ten months. Dr. Silke Ackermann, defending, wanted a shorter sentence. Ackermann proposed a suspended sentence of one year and seven months.
Judge Alexander Kessler sided with the prosecution. The defendant received a one year and ten-month suspended sentence, three years of probation, and one year of mandatory drug tests.

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What the actual fuck, isn't there crime to deal with in dortmund or what?


arresting ppl for marijuana makes me sad


jeeeeeeeeez man only 110 grams the poor bastard..... what the fuck is wrong with police


WTF?! why police loses so much time with him?


WTF is this shit man !!! vendor keeping records ??? dude should be stoned in public! !!!


thats why u dont buy from the same guy if possible Still what a bunch of losers


Who tf keeps records of their customers..


It's actually quite common just most ppl if they were smarter would make up nicknames instead of actual user names or contact info like say just states and possibly city


It's actually quite common just most ppl if they were smarter would make up nicknames instead of actual user names or contact info like say just states and possibly city


this is actually extremely common in Germany and nothing surprising, the german authorities are forced (yes forced) to investigate and prosecute following any sign that an offence was committed, even small ones. Weed is still pretty illegal in Germany, unless you're a small user.


German's acting like Nazi's!? No way! lol

Frosty the other frosty2020-05-21

What a waste of tax dollars for Germans this is ridiculous! Marijuana has very little negative impact on society their views are so outdated!


many German vendors keeping customers records and not only keeping them but they re sharing them to all "group" members for sending goods from different locations..this is total stupid suck shit. dangerously idiots.


this is very sad. first of all the vendor is a fucking retard for keeping customer records, and obviously not even encrypted or encrypted well but almost 2 years on probation? drug tests he has to pay? absolutely ridiculous for a fucking harmless stoner ACAB