German Man Arrested for Reselling Amphetamine

~1 min read | Published on 2021-05-16, tagged ArrestedDarkWebDrugsGerman using 161 words.

Neubrandenburg authorities arrested a German man for allegedly reselling large quantities of drugs he had purchased on the darkweb.
The Neubrandenburg Criminal Police Inspection launched an investigation into the 32-year-old after learning about the suspect’s involvement in the sale of illegal substances. According to the police, the suspect had ordered large quantities of amphetamine on the darkweb for the purpose of reselling them locally.
During the investigation, the authorities intercepted and seized drug packages that carried at least 500 grams of amphetamine. The packages were allegedly addressed to the suspect’s residence. The investigators also established that the suspect may have purchased more than a kilogram of amphetamine from undisclosed darkweb marketplaces during his drug trafficking operation.
On May 12, 2021, the officers seized a suspicious package addressed to the 32-year-old. They found 100 grams of amphetamine inside the package.
The Neubrandenburg public prosecutor’s office consequently acquired an arrest warrant for the suspect. The officers executed the warrant on the same day and arrested the suspect.