German Customs Arrested a "Top 20" Darkweb Vendor

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Investigators from the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office arrested one of the largest darkweb vendors in Germany, according to a Customs press release. Authorities said the suspect shipped between 300 and 400 packages of drugs every week.
According to the announcement, Customs investigators arrested one of the top 20 darkweb vendors in Germany in May 2020. The suspect, a 42-year-old from Hamburg, allegedly sold marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy, and amphetamine.
Authorities have not yet disclosed many details about the investigation into the suspected darkweb vendor.
The arrest followed a large-scale investigation led by special units of the Customs Investigation Office as well as “support staff from other authorities.” The Hamburg public prosecutor’s office directed authorities to conduct surveillance on the suspect as he dropped packages off at the post office. They also directed police to seize the packages after the suspect had dropped off the packages. “Afterwards, lengthy and complex investigations by the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office and the customs investigation office examined trading platforms on the darknet and the payment methods for the cryptocurrencies often used in these drug transactions,” Customs officials said in the announcement.
Through the surveillance, package interception, and the examination of digital evidence, investigators concluded that the suspect mailed between 300 and 400 packages of drugs every week. Customs cited “thousands of positive reviews from buyers on various darknet platforms” as proof of the vendor’s reliability and expertise as a drug trafficker.
On the day of the suspect’s arrest, authorities stopped the suspect after he had loaded 180 packages of drugs into his vehicle. He had intended to drop the packages off at a post office. The packages in his vehicle contained marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamine. On the same day, Customs investigators raided rooms the suspect had rented “specifically for packaging the drugs.”
Frank Nielsen, spokesman for the Hamburg Customs Investigation Office:
This procedure again shows that the customs investigation is well positioned in the fight against cross-border drug-related crime and that drug trafficking on the so-called darknet, with its anonymization and encryption, has been uncovered.

An investigation into the suspected vendor’s customers is ongoing, according to the Customs Investigation Office.

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Any Idea who was the vendor?


Just guessing but I'd put my money on 'GreenSupreme' (Empire) who is dearly missed since March 17th. They had the exact portfolio mentioned here and just vanished from one day to another. Their account went into vacation mode (automatically I guess) which just doesn't sound like the classic exit scam to me. Only thing that differs is the numbers of sent packages/week. If it's feasable to reverse calculate the number of feedbacks I get around 110 packs per week. Might be LE's hang to overly dramatize shit, though. I mean we all know they love to emphasize their dick size, don't we?


yikes this is scary

I dont think green-supreme2020-06-13

It could be greensupreme but I dont think so. First of all green-supreme was way more famous than just on of the TOP-20 german vendors. I would say one of the TOP 5 at that moment (and i think think police would say that to get more respect). Also I remember that they used a return-adress somewhere in Colonge which is around 400km away from "Hambug" and I dont think that they were that fucking stupid and used a return adress that is that much away. Also the original-source says that they were selling this drugs in large amounts but most of thier products were things like. 10g-weed, 1g cocaine so MOST(maybe not all) of the things they sold were small personal amounts. And I think that they exit-scammed because they got FE-rights on Cannazon and around 7-9 days later all the negative feedback started to come in. They also run a shop called "Lenas-Bio-Laden" and this shop had exit-scammed 1 month before they disappear (you can read all of that on dread). But we cant prove it that it was not green-supreme beeing caught... So stay safe:)


I would hate to be a vendor in Germany often German authorities are much more radical.

What was the deal with heineken express changing his pgp key?2020-06-13

Take this with a grain of salt, but I think he's also been having packages seized.


Team sonic


maybe Combi?


why the fuck....2020-06-14

These dumb bitches using the clearnet for drugs? Not to give LEO credit here, but thats just sloppy opsec.


Combi is a separate case of that. Nothing to do with it. Curious which vendor got Popped tough




Yea it could be greensupreme BUT they have over 7.000 ratigs on empire (which is huge for german vendors) and over 6.000 on cannazon so they are at least TOP 5 german vendors and not TOP 20. Also they lowerd thier prices after they got FE-rights and 9 days later they was gone... so could be an exit-scam too... But the products they sold would match. And I am sure that he stored customs data because nearly all vendors do that especially if they that big :( Luckily most of thier buyers bought small amounts.

Hard to say2020-06-14

Hmm...Maybe a team-member of combi got busted and he snichted the guy that send out the letters so police could bust him as well...But he was online on empire 2 days ago (but is baned on there) so very very hard to say. Maybe not a empire vendor

Definitely combi2020-06-14

A few days ago i read on darknetstats that combi got arrested. He is one of top 20 german sellers so i guess its him.

No surprise2020-06-14

If its Green Supreme, no fucking surprised, idiot put fucking flyers of his private webshops and links to markets on all of his packages like he running a normal shop. Told him about how unsafe that was and went into a bitch fit, serves him right.

Maybe maybe not2020-06-15

portfolio matches GreenSupreme.. on the other hand ES on Canazone and it does not look like a "one day to another" disappearance if you look at the negative reviews...


DarkAngel ist Buster, Clean Up Guys!

if "No Surprise" is right, he really earned to get busted2020-06-21


you are not real2020-06-24

@No surprise you must be shitting me! You saying he put the stickers outside onto the packages? No man can be this stupid

the one and only2020-07-30

@you are not real, no he put the flyers inside the package, but obviously still not a good idea. a pity that hes gone now, he was my vendor of trust.