Gangsta's Paradise Forum Shut Down by Dread

~1 min read | Published on 2019-04-06, tagged Child-PornForumsSeized using 244 words.

The substandard darkweb forum known as “Gangsta’s Paradise” was shut down by the owner of Dread as a result of the constant spam and lies spread by Gangsta’s Paradise users.
In a fake seizure banner on the Gangsta’s Paradise homepage, HugBunter, the owner of Dread, explained that Gangsta’s Paradise had gotten away with spamming and scamming for far too long.

Since April 6, 2019
as part of a “this guy is really pissing me off now” operation by the Hug Bunter Interwebs (HBI) and the Shill Enforcement Administration.
in accordance with the law of common sense and morality and obtained pursuant to a forfeiture order by HugBunter’s Justice Office.

Gangsta’s Paradise has been spreading FUD amongst the Dark Net community for too long. Since May 2018, he has relentlessly attempted to push his agendas whilst he begs for a developer to build him a Darknet Marketplace. Whilst I was asked many times to hack this plague of a website, I let it be due to the conflict of interest that I am taking down a “competitor” to Dread. Whilst this is completely false, I can’t say anything without being persecuted for it.

Aside from the shilling, fud, Spam and whatever else this kid has been up to, let me remind you that initially this forum had a child pornography section.
Shoutout to DeepDotWeb who GP has attempted to paint as a paedophile since this, when that can’t be farther from the truth.

You’re all welcome! -HugBunter