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French Teen Allegedly Bought Ecstasy on the Darkweb

Police in France arrested a teen suspected of reselling ecstasy purchased on the dark web.

The 18-year-old’s drug trafficking operation was according to reports discovered as a result of an investigation into his possession of counterfeit euros. The Rennes police force as a result acquired a search warrant against the teen’s home.

The investigators from Rennes received help from Lannion police officers and executed the search warrant on the teen’s residence in Lannion on October 11, 2021. The search allegedly resulted in the seizure of undisclosed quantities of ecstasy pills and amphetamine. The officers also found and seized two weighing scales and 430 euros in cash.

The teen was as a result taken into custody by the Rennes police force investigators and taken to Rennes. In Rennes, the teen was charged with possession of counterfeit euros.

The Lannion police took custody of the teen on October 18. On being questioned the 18-year-old allegedly told the cops that he had purchased the drugs found in his possession through the dark web. He said that he had been reselling the drugs. He also disclosed that had he not been arrested he would have ordered more of the drugs to satisfy the high demand the drug had been receiving on weekends.

The teen is set to appear before the Saint-Brieuc court, where he will face drug trafficking charges.

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5d090ed0 Fri, Oct 22, 2021

sooooo dumb

856115d0 Fri, Oct 22, 2021

so dunmb

822b6e00 Fri, Oct 22, 2021

Why did this idiot not keep his mouth shut? Only had to say he got them when he was out in a club.

73756ab0 Sun, Oct 24, 2021

ikr? either way hes fucked but at least he could have had the chance of taking a bit of heat off himself. whats worse for him is that 18 is age of majority, so he would be charged as an adult which is much more likely to result in a long prison sentence

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