France: Two Arrested for Selling Marijuana on the Darkweb

~2 min read | Published on 2021-09-01, tagged ArrestedDarkweb-VendorDrugs using 261 words.

Two Frenchman allegedly sold 22 kilograms of marijuana to customers worldwide via the darkweb.
An investigation conducted by DDSP 34 resulted in the arrest of two suspects on drug trafficking charges. French news outlets reported that the DDSP had learned about the suspects after receiving an anonymous tip about their activities in 2020.
At a recent hearing, the court heard how the defendants had been selling marijuana through a darkweb marketplace under the username “Free Gardner.”
One of the defendants had opened the account and successfully sold marijuana at €10 per gram to customers worldwide before involving the second defendant. The first defendant had sourced his product in Spain and packaged it for resale at his home in Montpellier. After filling an average of 300 orders every month, the first defendant hired his “right-hand-man” to handle packaging and shipping.
Identification of the second suspect required “many hours of surveillance,” according to authorities. They arrested the shipper after he had brought 39 envelopes to a Post Office. In total, the envelopes contained 600 grams of marijuana. Police searched his car and found 1.6 kilograms of marijuana and €20,600 in cash. Later, they searched his house and found another 28 envelopes containing a total of 302 grams of marijuana.
Two days later, the police arrested the first defendant in downtown Montpellier. A search of his home resulted in the discovery of €3,300 in cash as well as an undisclosed number of ecstasy pills.
In court, it was revealed that the defendants had sold a total of 22 kilograms of marijuana and earned roughly €200,000 through the drug trafficking operation.