Four Arrested in Germany for Selling Drugs on the Darkweb

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German Customs arrested four men suspected of selling prescription medication and other drugs on the darkweb.
The Frankfurt am Main customs investigation office worked with the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) to investigate the alleged darkweb vendors. In a press release following the arrests, a spokesperson said the suspects had earned at least “half a million euros from illegal transactions.”

Police seized 52,000 pills during execution of a search warrant

The suspects, aged between 27 and 29, are charged with distributing prescription medications and other drugs, including amphetamine and marijuana, through undisclosed darkweb marketplaces.
Earlier this month, customs investigators executed search warrants on the suspects’ properties. During the searches, investigators found 52,000 pills of undisclosed prescription medications and large amounts of a variety of other drugs including, approximately two kilograms of amphetamine, approximately 100 grams of ketamine, and approximately 300 grams of marijuana.
A spokeswoman for the Frankfurt customs investigation office:
“The fact that the so-called vendors referred to as darknet dealers are not casual criminals is proven by the minimum turnover of over half a million euros from illegal transactions.”
The Korbach District Court ruled that the defendants be placed in pretrial detention.

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