Ex-Teacher Imprisoned for Possession of CSAM

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A former high school math teacher was imprisoned for more than three years after he pleaded guilty to receipt and possession of child pornography. He reportedly used the dark web and Kik Messenger app to obtain child pornography videos.
The U.S Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts announced that 27-year-old Warren Anderson, a former teacher at Narraganset Regional High School in Templeton, was arrested as part of Project Safe Childhood. Project Safe Childhood was launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice to combat sexual abuse and exploitation of children. By bring together federal, state, and local law enforcement, the project locates, arrests, and prosecutes pedophiles in addition to identifying and rescuing the victimized children.

Warren Anderson as pictured in his booking photo.

According to the announcement, Anderson was interviewed and arrested in his home at Harvard in August 2018. The arrest was part of an investigation against the exchange of child pornography through the Kik messenger app. Anderson reportedly admitted that in addition to using Kik messenger to obtain child abuse images, he also accessed dark web child porn sites.
The investigators carried out forensic analysis on Anderson’s computers and found thousands of child pornography videos. The videos reportedly showed three to five-year-old girls being abused by men. The analysis on the electronic devices also confirmed that Anderson used both the dark web and Kik messenger to discuss and exchange child abuse and exploitation videos.
On July 23, 2019, in a federal court before U.S. District Court Judge Allison D. Burroughs, Anderson pleaded guilty to one count of receipt and possession of child pornography. On October, 16 Judge Burroughs sentenced him to 45 months in prison to be followed by five years of supervised release.
In another recent case under Project Safe Childhood, a 51-year-old man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for accessing a dark web child porn site. According to the U.S Attorney’s office, law enforcement established that Paul Andrew Talley of Coushatta was using his computer to access a dark web porn site regularly. The police raided and searched Talley’s home on August 20, 2015, seized his computer, and arrested him.
Analysis of Talley’s computer led to the discovery of more than 2,300 child abuse images. Talley pleaded guilty to accessing the internet with the intent to view child pornography on April 11, 2019. He was imprisoned on September 19. In addition to the 10-year prison sentence, Talley was ordered to register as a sex offender.

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I'm not interested in child porn, but I do find that on regular porn sites there seem to be what look like children sometimes in the videos. I don't know how these sites are able to operate without the owners being arrested. It makes me want to not watch any porn ever, because you never know when you'll see some underage kid on there.