Eleven Indicted in Chemical Revolution Case

Eleven suspects are now facing drug trafficking charges connected to an investigation into Germany’s largest online drug shop, Chemical Revolution. According to the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor, Chemical Revolution sold hundreds of kilograms of drugs and earned a profit of more than one million euros.

The “Chemical Revolution” shop was shut down as a result of a joint operation by the German Federal Criminal Police Office and the French criminal police. A 2018 drug trafficking arrest in Brandenburg set the Chemical Revolution investigation into motion; German authorities arrested a 26-year-old in Brandenburg who had close to 50 kilograms of amphetamine, 16 kilograms of cannabis, 2 kilograms of MDMA, 900 grams of cocaine, 600 grams of heroin, and many other substances in his possession. Investigators learned that the suspected drug trafficker had been storing drugs for Germany’s largest drug shop.

Bags of ecstasy Pills Seized by the BKA | BKA

Bags of ecstasy Pills Seized by the BKA | BKA

Chemical Revolution operated on the darkweb and on surface web.

The second suspect, a 43-year-old Dutchman suspected of procuring drugs in the Netherlands and organizing transportation to Germany, was arrested in Hamburg on February 13, 2019. His arrest led to the seizure of over a total of 14 kilograms of a variety of drugs. A 24-year-old German from Hamburg suspected of mailing the drugs sold by Chemical Revolution was arrested the same day.

On February 19, 2019, a 34-year-old Hamburg man was arrested. Authorities accused the man of renting apartments in Hamburg as a part of the Chemical Revolution operation. According to prosecutors, co-conspirators used the apartments as staging areas where they packaged the drugs and prepared them for shipment to customers. Authorities arrested a 26-year-old and a 25-year-old the same day. Both had allegedly helped package and ship drugs for Chemical Revolution.

More ecstasy seized by the BKA | BKA

More ecstasy seized by the BKA | BKA

A 35-year-old German from Teltow-Fläming allegedly organized the transport of the drugs from the Netherlands to Germany for resale. Police arrested him on February 25, 2019. On February 28, 2019, a 44-year-old Polish man was arrested in Diepholz. He is also suspected overseeing the transport of narcotics to Germany. On March 27, 2019, the police arrested another package courier–a 32-year-old Polish man was arrested in Poland. German authorities won the extradition case and had the man in custody in Germany on April 12, 2019.

The Chemical Revolution homepage

The Chemical Revolution homepage

German police arrested a 29-year-old man from Hamburg on April 29, 2019. Authorities accused the 29-year-old of overseeing the transportation of drugs between different Chemical Revolution co-conspirators.

Law enforcement in Spain arrested a 26-year-old German man on May 28, 2019. German authorities accused the 26-year-old of creating and managing the accounts and sites used by Chemical Revolution. The suspect also managed the organization’s funds, according to prosecutors.

In addition to the Chemical Revolution charges, some of the suspects face charges for allegedly selling drugs on Wall Street Market. In total, Chemical Revolution sold and shipped more than 130 kilograms of amphetamine, 42 kilograms of cannabis, 17 kilograms MDMA, 6 kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of heroin, as well as an unknown number of LSD blotters. Seven of the eleven suspects have been in police custody since their arrests. Court dates have not yet been announced.

BKA: Photo gallery of the Chemical Revolution seizures “The Website” (PDF

BKA: Photo gallery of the Chemical Revolution seizures “Narcotics” (PDF)

BKA: Photo gallery of the Chemical Revolution seizures “Commerce and Logistics” (PDF)

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11ffb610 Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Authorities really need to decriminalize and legalize all drugs. Zero harm is done in voluntarily exchanging cash for drugs and I hope in the future we can look back on this idiotic behavior as thousands of lives have been ruined by the state just so agents can generate revenue.

de489250 Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Thank you, Shirou. Right on the bullseye.

2f92ddf0 Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Or we put their heads on sticks countrywide

1a58b590 Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Legalizing drugs is the worst decision that you can think over, lets say the goverment will legilize it, they make their own commercial price which is and people can only buy a limited drugs. There goes the problem already ’limit ‘drugs. The dark business will rise and they can sell for probably higher profit than ever the drugs to those who wants more which causes more drugs war.. nevertheless the war on drugs will never stop even with legalization .

4836d280 Fri, Feb 28, 2020

the legalization of drugs of course would still make it illegal to sell P2P. Just like marijuana, it is illegal to sell marijuana P2P without a business. drugs would have to become unregulated like things you can sell on craigslist, offerup, and lift in order to free the people.

6a97cec0 Sat, Feb 29, 2020

So the guy snitched and the whole thing collapsed, seems about right.

53f5e320 Sat, Feb 29, 2020

Our responsible and sparing use of MDMD has provided many memorable, loving, healing, heart-expanding experiences. Decriminalization is the way.

0582e9e0 Wed, Mar 4, 2020

Keep drugs illegal I say. Legal stuff sucks. Just end up paying tax, being tracked. Never had a problem getting drugs and quality good on black market. What’s the point of going legal?

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