Drug Dealer From Achern Gets Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

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The now-convicted drug dealer who bit a police officer and escaped from custody was sentenced to three years of imprisonment.
The dealer, a 26-year-old from Achern, purchased more than 500 kilograms of amphetamine from a darkweb drug trafficking organization for two years. An investigation into the bulk amphetamine trafficking group resulted in the identification of the 26-year-old as well as an investigation into his activities.
A search of the defendant’s apartment yielded more than enough evidence for a successful conviction of 20 charges related to narcotics trafficking and possession. Additionally, the house search resulted in an altercation with law enforcement officers. According to statements from the police, the 26-year-old “verbally abused” officers with “vicious” insults. The dealer then told his dog to attack officers, attempted to grab the service weapon of an officer, and then bit at least one officer. Police said they were “beaten” by the defendant.
The defeated police officers then drove the defendant to a hospital for a blood test; they assumed the man had ingested a narcotic. While being guarded by the police, the dealer managed to escape their custody and evaded arrest for several days.
After his arrest, he faced 32 charges. The majority of the charges were in connection with drug crimes. However, the new charges stemmed from his interaction with the police.
During the hearing, the defendant explained how he had turned to drug trafficking after losing his job. He began with personal drug use and turned to drug distribution to support his expensive habit. He said he had a dependency on one of the substances he sold and that he would like to enter a drug rehabilitation facility to treat the dependency. A doctor certified the dealer’s claim about dependency and that treatment in place of incarceration would be an appropriate sentence.
The prosecutor asked the court to sentence the defendant to four years for the severity of the drug crimes and the involvement of an organized drug trafficking group. The arrest resistance and “abuse” of the police officers at his apartment also increased the severity of the crimes, according to the prosecutor.
According to the attorney for the defendant, the police tainted the case through sheer incompetence. He said the police had only guessed the quantities of many of the substances found in his client’s apartment, resulting in many completely inaccurate charges. The lawyer argued that the judge should dismiss some of the charges, including those covering small amounts of an illegal substance.
No comparative measurements were made and in many cases, there were no objective or at least insufficient facts that could convict his client. For example, the possession of a hashish platter that was found in the apartment but could never be classified as the property of the defendant. In the end, he held a sentence of two to two and a half years for commensurate crime and guilt. – DNN

The prosecutor wanted the forfeiture of more than 13,000 euros from the defendant. Authorities arrived at that figure using inaccurate data. The judge, during sentencing, ordered the forfeiture of only 5,660 euros.
The judge sentenced the defendant to three years of imprisonment. The actual time behind bars is dependant on the duration of the defendant’s drug rehabilitation program.
During a short statement, the defendant apologized for his behavior during the police’s search of his apartment.

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