Dream Vendor “CaliCartel” Admits Drug Trafficking Conspiracy

A Woodland Hills woman admitted selling drugs on the darkweb through vendor accounts on several marketplaces, including Dream Market and Nightmare Market. Darkweb vendor accounts under her control included “RaisedByAppeals” and “Diablow,” and “CaliCartel,” among others.

Catherine Stuckey, 27, of Woodland Hills, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. The charge pertained to Stuckey’s distribution of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

A picture of Catherine's College Alumni Profile

Catherine's College Alumni Profile

Stuckey–as well as her indicted co-conspirators–operated several darkweb vendor accounts, including:

  • Diablow;
  • Raiseappeals;
  • RaisedByDiablow
  • CaliCartel;
  • Playground;
  • GaminoCrimeFamily;
  • DopeQueen;
  • BuxomBrunette

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force identified Stuckey and her co-conspirators after several so-called “undercover purchases.” Investigators would use regular accounts on darkweb marketplaces to purchase of contraband. The police later search the package and drugs for any information useful to their investigation. In many cases, the majority of the identifying information comes from an analysis by Postal Inspectors with the United States Postal Inspection Service

Investigators included pictures of the packages in some of the court documents

Investigators included pictures of the packages in some of the court documents

Instead of her own address, Stuckey shipped packages with a return address associated with a local business, including:

  • Corbin Cosmetics;
  • Cee Cee Cosmetics;
  • CC Consmetics;
  • C&C Cosmetica.
  • WildStylz Cool Covers

Stuckey used of the email ccartel@mail.com (an abbreviated form of CaliCartel).

The undercover purchases began in 2018 and ended in May 2019. Investigators made the first undercover purchase on October 15, 2018, when they purchased two grams of cocaine from “Calicartel” on Dream Market. The investigators received 2.9 grams of a “white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine” on October 22. Research on the postage label used on the package of cocaine led investigators to an account with Encidia, an internet postage provider. The account belonged to Gabriel Alva, one of Stuckey’s accomplices. Alva’s Encidia account led to the discovery of five accounts with the United States Postal Service (USPS) under Alva’s name.

On January 10, 2019, the investigators ordered 3.5 grams of heroin from “RaiseAppeals” on Dream Market. On January 11, investigators conducting surveillance on Alva’s residence observed Stuckey exit her residence with a bin. Alva left the house after Alva and carried a bag. After loading the bin into a car, Stuckey and Alva drove to a local Post Office. At the Post Office, Stuckey and Alva dropped 42 packages into a box for outgoing mail. They picked up some of the free shipping supplies offered by USPS and returned to Alva’s residence.

A picture of Security cameras at the Post Office captured Stuckey dropping off packages

Security cameras at the Post Office captured Stuckey dropping off packages

Investigators collected the packages that Stuckey and Alva had dropped in an outgoing mail container. The address on one of the packages matched the address an investigator had given RaiseAppeals after placing an order for 3.5 grams of heroin. Employees at the Post Office told investigators that the duo regularly dropped off similar packages. Almost daily, the employee said.

A picture of The CaliCartel Profile on Recon

The CaliCartel Profile on Recon

Investigators continued making undercover purchases while conducting surveillance on Stuckey and her accomplices. They acquired search warrants for Alva’s Gmail account. A search of her inbox led to the discovery of incriminating emails between Alva and Stuckey. One, sent from Alva to Stuckey on April 15, 2018, made it into one of the court documents. The text is below.

Have my money ready. Have the fucking printout of both your Venmo and excel sheet. Do not forget what you are involved in. Because now, from the moment you took one single payment until whenever it is I die or get out of all this, you are part of this organization.

Other snippets include:

Stuckey to Alva: “… In terms of work, if we can agree on a set amount that we both agree is reasonable I’ve earned since July that would be best.” -

Alva to Stuckey: “Say goodbye to law school bitch.”

After reading the email (the first one), investigators obtained a search warrant for Venmo accounts belonging to Alva and Stuckey. On March 1, 2019, investigators obtained Venmo transaction records for both accounts. Specific people paid Alva until December 2017 when Venmo banned the account. After the ban, the same people started sending similar payments to Stuckey’s account.

A picture of The conspirators put the name "Bridgette B." in place of their own on outgoing packages

The conspirators put the name "Bridgette B." in place of their own on outgoing packages

Investigators continued to order small quantities of drugs from Stuckey’s accounts on Dream Market while conducting surveillance at her house. When Dream Market announced their shutdown, Stuckey’s accounts opened accounts on other marketplaces with similar names.

On May 16, federal authorities arrested Stuckey and her co-conspirators. During the search that followed Stuckey’s arrest, investigators found more than 23 kilograms of methamphetamine, 1.9 kilograms of heroin, and 2.7 kilograms of cocaine in her residence.

Stuckey pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances on July 14, 2020

U.S. District Judge John A. Mendez scheduled Stuckey’s sentencing hearing for October 20, 2020.

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184e9bd0 Fri, Jul 17, 2020

Dam girl was hot! Why did suddenly the article fade out that pretty face? You guys couldn’t get in trouble technically since we are all fags.

8854fff0 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

google: “Catherine Stuckey” college alumni woodland hills
First link, scroll down to her name
Girl could get it

6f255410 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

I’m glad you blurred her face. I know other outlets might run with it, but I don’t think every arrested vendor needs their face plastered around on every site. DNL’s readership is people who are security/anonymity concious. Respect for respecting that.

6f255410 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

Thanks. Would like to stop running mugshots (and certainly face pictures from social media) in most cases.

eb17bdc0 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

Home girl was loaded when she got caught up.

993b0c70 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

dumb mistake

846898d0 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

I believe there have been cases where specially the ones that accept crypto are heavily scrutinized and cooperate with LEA. Best way in the end is to not use tracking nor priority. Priority doesn’t benefit from the security that ForeverStamp covers. Even worst, with informed delivery, it is very easy to trace the sender. Maybe carding the labels prior at an annex or postal kiosk. Then dropping them off the chute. These girls went up to the desk, the clercks never forget their customers.

000607e0 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

What a shame.

6255d510 Sat, Jul 18, 2020

More proof dream market was a honeypot.

9c88d370 Sun, Jul 19, 2020

Dream was not a honey pot. They order from all markets .

cdd38a10 Sun, Jul 19, 2020

Diablo was hot chick? Damn, always pictured Diablo as a big mean mexican dude in sunglasses.

a01d4b60 Sun, Jul 19, 2020

Stupid hot lady.using same p.o frequently. Now paying mistake for it..sexy figure in vain now.

b5b96fa0 Sun, Jul 19, 2020

Wish I was a fly on the wall for the scene when she got hooked into the “organization”

709de7c0 Mon, Jul 20, 2020

interesting that you blur the girl’s face but you posted a big photo of neverpressedrx’s face 2 articles ago as the main thumbnail. is this a new policy?

fe47e508 Mon, Jul 20, 2020

What policy?

371ec4a0 Tue, Jul 21, 2020

@ jazmine - If a vendor doesn’t use tracking and the customer claims they haven’t received anything, you have no proof to show. You have to have tracking or you leave yourself wide open to scamming buyers, claiming no-show.

424a4b00 Tue, Jul 21, 2020

Wow more low-hanging fruit. I’m amazed that there are still vendors making mistakes like having personal data associated with postal shipping or email accounts. Really, really stupid.
I’m even more amazed that we still punish people for selling drugs. Even though these people might be stupid I still feel bad for them. Well i bet they’re cartel connected so I have a little less sympathy but still…

44717720 Wed, Jul 22, 2020

“say goodbye to lawschool bitch”… RaiseAppeals… it makes sense now. diablow did seem a bit reckless, “branding” their bags with the name and whatnot. surprised that isnt mentioned. they did always hook it up as is evident by the 2.9g bag on a 2g order. not that id know as i never ordered anything but their feedback always seemed to suggest so.

88bfb220 Wed, Jul 22, 2020

ive made dozens of H purchases in the UK and ALL of them have been basic first class post, which does not have tracking.

I dont know why vendors would use tracking but i guess im just to fucking honest for my own good. maybe i should have taken all the those H packages and said they never arrived, yeah id get burned from the vendor but hey.

actually thinking about it, out of the 5 vendors i tried UK -> UK, only ONE of them was selling gear that was actually gear. The rest where selling some synthetic shit that ran like gear but tasted fucking weird and did have any effect. (yet still getting good reviews which is suspect af)

maybe ill stick with the one good vendor and not fuck him over by lying about things not being delivered.

cc472090 Thu, Jul 23, 2020

Were these people also “CrimeFamily” who were scamming people?

08dced40 Sat, Jul 25, 2020

I read the article and that all sucks, but damn looking at google images of her twitter, she is fucking hot as shit. She could have easily manipulated a dude to do all this dirt for her, and just coordinated all of it, I cannot believe she had her fingerprints on all this shit like dropping off packs. She is definitely a rape candidate for other inmates if she hits the slammer, I am in disbelief she didn’t have a guy doing dirt for her, I’ve seen women manipulate men much more illegal / less profitable stuff. Damn.

88f557d0 Mon, Jul 27, 2020

damn was she fucking stupid…

with those HUGE HUGE HUGE mistakes.. this chick couldn’t do much more than manipulate coke up a straw. she’s not THAT fucking hot lol.. incels

1317eb70 Tue, Jul 28, 2020

Greed did them in, also terrible security protocol. she should have setup a justfans site , would have made more legit money. Fuck Alva.

888d6370 Tue, Jul 28, 2020

Great vendor, had good products, at least now i know what happened to them.

02bc3740 Tue, Jul 28, 2020

Dam, legit would order a g and always get like a couple g’s of different varieties of tar. Always had fire product and always was on time with shipping. Her and rapture reloaded were some of the best west coast plugs I always could count on. As for being a female, I totally pictured some cartel homies running the accounts. But the greedy ones continue to get caught, should run before its to late. (Pillscosby as one example). #Longlivetheroad. Was using diablow on Sr 3.1. Which was the most complicated platform of any platform I’ve ever experienced.

96f7bba0 Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Bro you who would expect such a beautiful to do this kind of shit. If you see her education background she got a bachelor in Business Law. Instead she went to selling drugs.

c2b48e70 Fri, Aug 14, 2020

(Not accusing Darknetlive, accusing LE) I do not believe a word of this report. The pretty face AND the ’law school neer’do well’ sob story. It’s too sensational. GMAIL!?? VENMO!?!? My best guess is the real vendor is far away via United States witness protection program courtesy of U.S. Marshalls. Wait no, someone with 23 KILOS OF METH would casually drop of bins full of packages at their local USPS, riiiight. Wisen up brethren, think rigorously.

347bdca0 Thu, Aug 27, 2020

RIP in peace Empire. I’m an old vendor whose had it with losing money on markets. I’m wikr only now on. I’ve got
Shatter -GSC and some clear
Crumble, Etizolam powder,Lsd gel and blotters, pressed blue m box roxy. First of the wikr packs should land by Friday. Sounds like a scam I know but it isn’t. I’m an honest vendor a lot of u know me and maybe ordered from me but it was time to kill that handle. When stocks gone I retire.
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