Dread: Service Will Be Restored Shortly

~1 min read | Published on 2019-07-31, tagged DreadGeneral-News using 172 words.

Update: Online - Dread has been down for several hours. HugBunter posted a status update on the DreadAlert subreddit about the downtime and about the Nightmare Market exit scam. He announced that he had been working on a solution and planned to have Dread back online in a number of hours.
Update: Dread is Back online.
On July 30, HugBunter posted the following message on the DreadAlert subreddit. It was signed with his PGP key (which is available here on darknetlive and here on dark.fail).-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512We've been down for around 10 hours now, I'd like toapologize for not being on top of the attack this timehowever I have been tending to a few things, I'll belooking to mitigate this attack within the coming hours.On anothr note, Nightmare vendor scraping is completed,so I have all vendor statistics backed up.As a reminder, Nightmare seems to be currently exitscamming, essentially stealing all coin depositedonto the market. All vendors are locked out of theiraccounts, so please avoid Nightmare at all costs.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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4Jsz-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----