Dread Has Two New Mirrors

~2 min read | Published on 2020-02-12, tagged DreadGeneral-News using 498 words.

In a post on /r/DreadAlert, HugBunter announced the creation of two new “permanent” mirrors. Verify these mirrors independently. Access to Dread is still limited until the attacker gets bored. Signed copies of the messages are provided at the bottom of this post.
HugBunter on Reddit:
Today we launched 2 new permanent mirrors which should help spread out the load and whilst they are under attack and have been intermittently online, they are doing their job and we just need to make some final adjustments now to hopefully improve uptime.

Thanks for your patience, we’ve been trying to work through this as quickly as possible.


A Message from Paris:
Due to scalability issues with onionbalance (it doesn’t scale well after 9 instances) we are introducing TWO NEW ADDRESSES.

Thank Hug and his personal super computer for being able to generate these gems of addresses. This is not saying we won’t try to get the main address (or kzu6yzouezayt2pb.onion) online but we are going to have multiple addresses, all with fronts, all configured to handle the worse of the worse, and until the Tor network goes down we should be able to stay up.

This burns a lot of money so know all your donations help and a BIG THANK YOU to the advertisers who support dread. Give them tons of love. We love them and you should too.

The two new addresses are:

  • http://dreadicfrostedva.onion (online right now)
  • and
  • http://dreadditelvynevo.onion (pending deployment)

  • This message is signed by me Paris. Don’t trust any address not signed by either me or hug. If you don’t have our PGP key get it from our dread profiles, dark.fail, darknetlive. It’s the only way to truly verify we are who we say we are.

    And another from Paris:
    So for an onion service site generally you will have at most a few hundred maybe a thousand or so users on at a time. For markets maybe a few thousand at a time. Well ladies and gentlemans because of the attack we must have broken a new record on the darknet.

    That’s right not a few thousand BUT A HUNDRED THOUSAND CONNECTIONS AT ONCE! I would like to thank a top of the line onionbalanced Tor layer with extensive nginx level load balancing for making this possible. If it wasn’t for them working perfectly all our servers would have imploded from the collective load this attack brought. I would also like to thank the whole Tor network for not going down. Special mention to the Tor Project because I would have really liked circuit identifiers on v2 onions too to rate limit these connections. But hey everything working together to make this possible.

    Now you might find we are switching onions here and there. That’s in an attempt to not have guard nodes get overloaded too much and cause a chain reaction where one then two then five then all of them go down. We got to give them time to process the circuits.

    Stick with us though. We are making history!

    Signed Dread Alert Post, Signed Announcement from Paris. Paris Key, HugBunter Key.