Dealer Who Identified Himself on EncroChat Sentenced to Prison

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An EncroChat-using drug dealer was sentenced to 25 years in prison for selling Class A and Class B drugs.
During a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court, John Digweed, 33, of Harlech Road, Crosby, was sentenced to prison for 25 years for drug distribution and money laundering.

John Digweed in his mugshot.

A jury convicted Digweed of conspiring to supply Class A drugs, including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy powder, and 2CB, and Class B drugs cannabis, ketamine, and amphetamine. The jury also convicted him of money laundering. During the trial, prosecutors showed the jury evidence of Digweed’s involvement in the supply of 12.5kg of heroin, 30-35kg of cocaine, 80kg of cannabis, 4kg of ketamine, and 3kg of amphetamine.
Merseyside Police arrested Digweed in March 2021 as a part of Operation Venetic. Operation Venetic was “an international operation targeting criminals who used a mobile encryption service, commonly referred to as EncroChat, in an attempt to evade detection when dealing drugs.”

A picture of a block of marijuana sent to Digweed on EncroChat

After law enforcement agencies had hacked EncroChat, investigators examined messages sent and received by a drug dealer under the username “Diorpaw.” Investigators said Digweed identified himself in his messages to other EncroChat users.
In one example provided by police, one of Digweed’s contacts sent him a picture of a block of marijuana labeled “Johnny Weed.” Digweed responded, “HaHaHaHa lad who’s done that, its only missing dig out the name” My names Johnny Digweed init.” Digweed then sent the image to other EncroChat users. “His messages on the dark web revealed that he supplied drugs across the northwest and managed the supply of crack cocaine and heroin to Devon and Cornwall,” police said. Digweed referenced Cornwall, Bristol, Middlesbrough, London, Weston-Super-Mare, and Wales in other messages.
Superintendent Graeme Robson:
“Digweed’s covert messages via EncroChat revealed his clear involvement as a leading figure in drug conspiracies that could have caused immense suffering to families and residents in our community. In one message sent to other handles he brazenly identified himself in messages. The messages he sent also revealed that he operated a sophisticated and organised criminal enterprise.”

“We know the destruction that drugs cause and Merseyside Police remains relentless in our pursuit of these criminals and to bring down serious and organised criminal groups. I hope this result shows that Merseyside Police, will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of these people who think they are above the law, and we will continue to target criminals like Digweed by thoroughly examining any evidence, messages and images we find.”

Drug dealer jailed for 25 years after identifying himself on ‘Dark Web’ |

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whats wrong with these ppl who like identify themselves everywhere. that dealer forgot to include his pronouns. if he didn't he may get only half of that sentence.


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***Only dickweeds use unverified services like Encro, most criminals are so fucking stupid and it’s a shame because it makes the world go round, you pay your taxes to cops who are typically only smart enough to catch stupid criminals, which are just as prevalent as stupid law enforcement officials and the two play off each other in this shitty fucked up stupid coexistence and as always at the expensive of the not so mighty tax payer, if only criminals could be smart it would break the cycle. WWIII is delusional? Have you turned on the news, call it “world war of the dummies,” I can see Jesus coming down from the heavens now on the suwalki gap… hallelujah… hallelujah…. haaaaa-lleeeee-lujaaaaaaaaah!***

Eye roller2022-06-26

O ya, the whole world is stupid… (rolls eyes)


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bill clinton2022-06-27

Decidedly anti British sentiments indeed...thoroughly distasteful. One doth protest!


How many of these "encrypted" phone networks have turned into a noose on the users? Are they designed that way? 1. Encrochat ("hacked") 2. Ciphir ("cracked") 3. Sky ECC ("cracked") 4. Anom (operated by LE, somehow marketed to criminals) Any others?


Moral of the story? Dont use closed source privacy devices that are catering solely to criminals just cause they have a big price tag. Go with whats workin .. PGP, Signal, Wickr if you absolutely must..


Not true for the most part these networks are still in use, and only getting stronger. I personally think private encrypted closed sourced networks are the way of the future for encrypted communications. Private companies want to keep their customer base happy (the ones who need their comms protected) so they will build secure products that these crims will rely on. These companies will become better at side stepping any responsibility. Especially with bans coming, and encrypted communications app makers like Signal etc.. will soon have to put back doors into their apps to comply with privacy bills from the UK, and the US. Private firms who don't give a shit about compliance will release devices and claim they don't sell them in regulated countries, but they will quietly have resellers in those countries. It will be like bootlegging for encrypted phones. Interesting times.


how can he vote for that senile since he is a British? nice one.