Church Leader to Plead Guilty in Murder-For-Hire Case

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The “church leader” accused of trying to hire a hitman on the darkweb is planning to accept a plea agreement, according to court records.
DeAnna Marie Stinson, 50, stands accused of soliciting a crime of violence and murder-for-hire. Stinson spent $12,000 in Bitcoin on a darkweb murder-for-hire site, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida.
A federal court status report indicates that Stinson will be accepting a plea agreement. Per WFLA:
Stinson’s “case will resolve with an open plea to the court… A change of plea hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19, 2022.”

Seems like just yesterday that this site published an article about the defendant’s arrest, seemingly moving from arrest to conviction in record time. However, the U.S. Marshals Service raided Stinson’s home and arrested her on September 24, 2021. Still only months between arrest and conviction but not as drastic as I had remembered.


Unless the statement of facts contains something surprising, no useful information will come out of this case. This is unfortunate as this case is an atypical “darkweb murder-for-hire” case; a federal law enforcement officer posed as the hitman (feds possibly ran this murder-for-hire site as well) the defendant had hired. In the usual cases involving the same crime, the defendants attempt to hire a hitman through one of the many murder-for-hire sites operated by “Yura,” such as Besa Mafia, Crimebay, Cosa Nostra International Network, Camorra Hitmen, and the Sicilian Hitmen International Network.
I was hoping we would get to see at least some information about fed-run murder-for-hire scams. Perhaps this is one reason Stinson so quickly indicated her willingness to sign a plea deal.
This “church leader” is currently being held in Pinellas County Jail. The change of plea hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. on January 19, 2022.

Oh yeah. Here is the church leader bit.
Stinson is the director of finance for Bible-Based Fellowship Church at 4811 Erlich Road in Carrollwood.
In addition to her work at the church, Stinson is the founder of Woman of Excellence Consulting in New Tampa.
According to Woman of Excellence website, Stinson founded the organization in 2002 to help small, minority-owned businesses who can’t afford administrative, organizational or accounting services.

WFLA: “Change of plea hearing set for Tampa woman arrested in murder-for-hire plot” | | archive[…].onion

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Should have used Monero...

sean noakes2021-09-28

Blaqs should avoid the dark web


sounds like she sent btc straight from coinbase to the hitman (LE) -- nice opsec



Fox Mulder2021-09-28

yes it does sound like she failed to use even one layer of obfuscation like coinbase to wallet and wallet to wallet....none it. She dumb

man blaise2021-09-28



Oh boy! Sign me up, officer!


try using xmr LOL but the number 1 rule for this act is you hire from the streets never the web. gosh golly when will they learn. and of course she gotta be from florida, none the less a church "leader" LOL


LE must love bitcoin to be their #1 fan. It's soooo easy to track.


"And I never understand how people are able to read instructions on accessing onion services but fail to recognize an obvious scam." You're talking about two intrinsic qualities that have nothing to do with one another. The ability to read and follow technical instructions has no relation at all to naivety.


>And I never understand how people are able to read instructions on accessing onion services but fail to recognize an obvious scam. Even the brightest and most intelligent man can fall for the most obvious of lies given enough naivete Or carelessness


Thick cunt. Bitcoin is traceble.

big chris2021-10-14

not even a coinjoin along the way. smh


I'm going to make my own hitman website now, people just keep falling for this.

Thank You2022-01-14

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Drop Bombs Now2022-01-14

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I’m an Idiot2022-01-14

“90\% of the comments are posted by feds running some COINTELPRO-style op“ That’s a conspiracy theory and an intended answer I would suppose… So, your network admins tracked the IPs of all these comments back to a known list of LE official IPs you know? That’s passive, I mean also JavaScript is enabled here… I mean if all of you’re posters are Feds why wouldn’t you be too, that’s a purpose for sure… a new undercover deep dot web, which the feds were totally infatuated with… DNL as feds, the hub in the dark net market wheel… how’s that for a conspiracy theory and centralized point of information??? Hmm.. I’m sure the FBI would be interested haha, but it’s not actually true 99\% of comments on here are from idiots like me…


Zooms are easily fooled in general. Zooms in poverty are more prone to magical thinking. Hence the events of the last decade.


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Crack + Weed2022-01-14

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Kyle R.2022-01-14

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Steve Gibson2022-01-14

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Fuk U, Fuk U2022-01-14

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Should have used Monero...


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Age is always mentioned in stories like this. It's not specific to this case.