Church Leader Sentenced to Prison in Murder-For-Hire Case

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A Florida woman was sentenced to federal prison after she admitted to attempting to hire a hitman on the darkweb.
According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, DeAnna Marie Stinson, 50, of Tampa, attempted to hire a hitman on the darkweb to kill the significant other of her former spouse. She placed multiple orders for the same target and spent more than $12,000 on the orders.
Stinson created an account on the site on June 24, 2021. She then placed an order one day after creating the account. In the order details, she included the victim’s name, address, and a photograph of the victim. She then said that she wanted the target killed by mid-July.

Murder-for-hire scams are a certain demographic's version of a romance scam.

Seeing that her target had not been killed, she placed four more orders between July 15 and July 22. In addition to placing multiple orders, Stinson kept contacting the site’s admins and “hitmen” to inquire about her orders’ progress. She allegedly spent more than $12,000 in bitcoin on the orders. On July 31, Stinson contacted the site’s admins and told them to “reassign the job to someone who has a history of getting jobs done.”
“Stinson is the director of finance for Bible-Based Fellowship Church at 4811 Erlich Road in Carrollwood.<br>In addition to her work at the church, Stinson is the founder of Woman of Excellence Consulting in New Tampa. According to Woman of Excellence website, Stinson founded the organization in 2002 to help small, minority-owned businesses who can’t afford administrative, organizational or accounting services.”

Investigators acquired information on Stinson’s activities on the darkweb murder-for-hire site. The investigators traced back the bitcoin payments to Stinson’s Coinbase account.
On August 27, 2021, an undercover agent purporting to be a hitman on the site contacted Stinson by phone. Stinson told the agent that she wanted to have her former spouce’s current spouse killed. On September 1, the agent contacted Stinson in a recorded phone call. Stinson agreed to send the undercover agent $350 in bitcoin to purchase a gun. She sent the bitcoin to the agent on September 13.
Investigators executed a search warrant on Stinson’s residence and arrested her on September 23, 2021.
Stinson pleaded guilty to one count of murder for hire on January 19, 2022.
On April 20, 2022, US District Judge Steven D. Merryday sentenced her to six years and six months in federal prison. In addition to a $1,000 fine, Stinson was also ordered to pay $11,403.22 in restitution to the victim of the murder-for-hire plot.

DNL note: From a previous article about Stinson:
“this case is an atypical “darkweb murder-for-hire” case; a federal law enforcement officer posed as the hitman (feds possibly ran this murder-for-hire site as well) the defendant had hired.”

It still is not clear how investigators learned of Stinson’s attempts to hire a hitman.
Also, validated my original concerns about I would like to stop using it. The captcha is apparently not presented to users via the onion service. I am aware that visiting the onion service is not a solution for everybody though and will make a decision about this later. As well as figure out what to concerning the state of the comment section.

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Hmmmm... My first payment didn't work? Ok, let me send 4 more more payments! Idiot. It's amazing how many people fall for these murder-for-hire scams, and on top of that, do so without the slightest bit of research into OpSec and bitcoin security. We see articles every other week about how some person used their coinbase account to pay for a "hitman" becuase it's "safe and private." Anyways, I apparently missed some news. What's going on with


the commandments say "thou shall not kill", so i will hire someone else to do it! genius!!!


Lawl. This is so fucking stupid. How many braindead idiots still believe that Tor isn't a honeypot?


Can't argue with stupid. Which is why I'm not going to argue with you about why Tor can't be a honeypot.


Let me state the obvious. Tor is the most stupid honeypot out there. Anybody with basic knowledge of so called cybersecurity knows that Tor is vulnerable to all sorts of traffic analysis. The assholes from the Tor Project themselves publish the papers explaining how shitty Tor is. And even if you don't know that, any fucktard knows that all darkmarkets fail sooner or later. Sooner rather than later.


Traffic analysis doesn't even require monitoring big parts of the network. Thanks to so called website fingerprinting any ISP or guard node can know what sites are visited by Tor lusers. Of course, the scammers and cops who run the honeypot won't tell you that.


Fingerprinting doesn't work for everyone that uniformly uses the tor browser. God you're dumb.


You don't even know what website fingerprinting is son. It is not *browser* fingerpriting. It's a kind of traffic analysis that looks at the loading patterns of pages. And it doesn't require a global passive adversary. Any guard node can do it. ISPs can do it. Bottom line you are like an Apple fanboi, only ten times more stupid, like any fanboi of the tor honeypot network. Or else, you are a cop.


Ever heard of obsf4 son? It circumvents the need for an entry guard, then blends me into a mass of traffic. You're like chicken little crying that the sky is falling, except ten times more dense.


You fucking dipshit. Website fingerprinting requires control of both the entry AND exit nodes OR control of the ISP. Control of both nodes is a heavy lift, even for LE. NOr is the data obtained ready for public consumption; ie presentable in a court of law. Control of ISP requires warrant just like anything else. WF can easily be defeated by multihoming at no cost in overhead. Edge devices like cellphones already deploy multihoming solutions. Stop talking out of your ass.


"Website fingerprinting requires control of both the entry AND exit nodes" No it doesn't. Like I said, you stupid piece of cop shit, you don't know what you are talking about. "Tor, however, is susceptible to website fingerprinting, wherein a local, passive adversary (such as your ISP or those who have access to your ISP's data) can identify a user's behavior according to patterns in their packet sequence" Now, kill yourself.


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"Also, validated my original concerns about" looks like a typo and likely to mean "Also, validated my original concerns about archive.IS."


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The article says, "On the website’s main forum page, authorities allege, was a thread posted by Stinson titled “Florida Job” with an original post that read: “I am looking for a quick hit in southern Florida? Is anyone available?” The FBI allege that “a hitman on The Website” responded with “Contact me” less than a week later–with FBI agents taking a screenshot of the “message thread to preserve it.” This is what I found on this site, on the Forum, page 13: FLORIDA JOB  I am looking for a quick hit in southern Florida? Is anyone available? asked on Jul 15 , 2021 8:08 PM by touche081970  Reply Thaid  on Jul 20 , 2021 5:17 AM says Contact me


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