China's Biggest Darkweb Market is Shutting Down

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China’s largest darkweb marketplace, a forum-based marketplace called “暗网交易市场” or “DeepMix,” is shutting down. According to the shutdown notice, a massive distributed denial-of-service is to blame. The attacks started in August 2019 and have apparently increased in intensity until now.
DeepMix, in their shutdown announcement, said they would be building a new market as a replacement for DeepMix. The Twitter user @cheenanet said that DeepMix claimed they would be rebuilding “with their partners.” This is very similar to what Dream Market announced before shutting down earlier this year.
It appears as if the New Market was indeed created by same admin team.

The DeepMix Announcement

Chinese Ver.
暗网交易市场, 近五年时间内, 几乎都在被攻击中渡过!
2019年8月起, 某集团组织开始采用大规模CC对本站发起流量攻击, 每秒请求数超过2万, 严重超出服务器承受能力.

虽然本站附加了十几台高性能服务器做负载均衡, 全服务器做数据库主从分发, 仍旧挡不住蜂涌如潮的洪水攻击.
高流量攻击下, 给网络服务商也带来超高的网络负载消耗, 经过三个月的硬抗攻击, 服务器硬件已经损坏, 超额的带宽费用导致原网络服务已经被扣押并停止服务.

暗网中的服务器运行, 不同于普通表网, 无法识别用户来源, 也就是说, 无法跟表网的服务器一样, 受到攻击后, 识别来源地址, 针对性封锁, 顶多造成极小部分用户无法使用
暗网不同, 所有用户来源相同, 所以一旦遇到攻击, 只能硬抗, 这也是暗网中中文网站不断死去的原因.
针对本站部分爱好者, 捐助者的提议, 各种后续代码防攻击, 这些都是无用之功, 在超大规模的攻击下, 入口即瘫痪, 后续任何抵抗都是白费功夫.

原 暗网交易市场, 已经停止运行, 由于最新的数据已经丢失, 我们手头上有旧数据存档, 但是数据已经不保真.

当下, 有合作方, 愿意与本站共同开发, 在旧数据(攻击前, 八月份左右)的基础上, 重新开发运行新的交易市场. 如果您有兴趣, 欢迎您参与测试.


新交易市场, 目前仅仅是建议参与, 不敢绝对保证正常运行. 仅建议.
本站的原用户, 账户密码还可用, 但是只是账户编号, 账户的字母名已经被摒弃.

近期, 暗网中出现了一些冒充本站的诈骗网站, 本站并未授权任何网站模仿本站, 一切模仿者, 都有着不可告人的目的, 请用户小心, 勿进入诈骗圈套.

Editor Note: If there are any readers capable of cleaning up the following text from Google Translate, please get in touch with Darknetlive. Any assistance is welcome.
English Ver.(from Google Translate)
Although this site has attached more than a dozen high-performance servers for load balancing, and the full server is the master-slave distribution of the database, it still can’t stop the flood attacks.
Under high-traffic attacks, the network service provider also brought ultra-high network load consumption.After three months of hard anti-attack, the server hardware has been damaged, and the excessive bandwidth costs have caused the original network service to be seized and stopped.

The server in the dark network is different from the ordinary watch network in that it cannot identify the source of the user, that is, it cannot be the same as the server of the watch network. After being attacked, it can identify the source address and block it in a targeted manner. use
The dark web is different, all users are from the same source, so once they encounter an attack, they can only resist it, which is why the Chinese website in the dark web keeps dying.
For some enthusiasts on this site, the suggestions of donors, various follow-up code defenses, these are useless work. Under a large-scale attack, the entrance is paralyzed, and any subsequent resistance is a waste of effort.

The original dark web trading market has ceased to operate.Because the latest data has been lost, we have old data on hand, but the data is no longer fidelity.

At present, there are partners who are willing to co-develop with this site, based on the old data (before the attack, around August), redevelop and run the new trading market. If you are interested, you are welcome to participate in the test.

The new trading market is currently only suggested to participate, and dare not absolutely guarantee normal operation. Only recommended.
The original user of this site, the account password is still available, but only the account number, the letter name of the account has been abandoned.

Recently, there have been some scam websites posing as this site in the dark web. This site does not authorize any sites to imitate this site. All imitators have an unspeakable purpose. Please be careful of users and do not enter the fraud trap.

New Market

Below are two screenshots of the new market.

Another Screenshot of the Replacement Market

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More proof the international LE is directing these DDOS attacks, this markets was a fallback to order for good fend,. Hopefully they come back as they said. Free Hong Kong


why does darkfail not list these how many other markets are not listed?