Chicago Woman Hired a Hitman on the Darknet

~1 min read | Published on 2018-04-20, tagged Murder-for-Hire using 183 words.

A Chicago woman has been charged for allegedly hiring a hitman on the darknet to kill the wife of a man with whom she had an affair. Like many of the darknet “murder-for-hire” cases, the police received a tip from a fake hitman third party that sparked an investigation in early April 2018.
An investigation conducted by the Woodridge Police Department allegedly uncovered evidence that Tina Jones, 31, had paid a $10,000 in bitcoin to have a hitman kill the wife of her lover. Jones had been having affair with a married coworker at the Loyola Medical Center where she worked as a nurse. On April 12, Woodridge Police received a tip from the CBS program “48 Hours” warning that a woman—the wife of the married coworker—might be in danger. In a matter of days, the police discovered evidence that Jones had ‘hired’ the Crimebay reboot “Cosa Nostra” to carry out the hit. She had allegedly paid the Cosa Nostra (International Network) $10,000 in bitcoin to kill the wife and left the site with very specific instructions on how and where to carry out the murder. (Press Release)