Bulgarian Customs Seized 200 Packages of Drugs in Ten Days

Bulgarian customs officers intercepted 198 packages of illegal drugs in ten days.

According to an announcement from Bulgarian customs, customs officers intercepted 120 packages of illegal substances between June 7, 2022, and June 17, 2022. Officers seized Tramadol, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Diazepam, among others. The packages contained approximately 120,000 pills and 40 kilograms of Khat.

A picture of A map of the intended destinations of packages intercepted by police.

A map of the intended destinations of packages intercepted by police.

The seizures were a part of a “specialized operation against drug trafficking via the darknet,” according to the announcement. Customs officers from a drug trafficking department of the Territorial Directorate (TD) Sofia Customs worked with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration during the operation.

“During the operation, the customs officers carried out numerous operational and search activities, as a result of which they intercepted and prevented the dispatch of 198 shipments to various destinations abroad.”

Based on the limited information in the announcement, it appears as if law enforcement officers primarily intercepted outgoing packages. Investigators determined that the contents of the packages - small quantities of pills or other substances - were “negotiated through Darknet platforms.” Suppliers in Bulgaria then prepared the drugs for shipment and mailed the packages to customers in the “USA, Europe, and Australia.”

Law enforcement officers disrupted three drug trafficking networks and dismantled one facility used by drug traffickers to prepare drugs for shipping. The Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office has already initiated four pre-trial proceedings due to the interceptions. Officers have also executed search warrants at homes, offices, and warehouses in Sofia and Lovech.

Four pre-trial proceedings have already been initiated in the cases, and investigations are ongoing. Numerous searches and seizures have been carried out in homes, offices, and warehouses in Sofia and Lovech.

A picture of Customs officers seized lorazepam pills during the operation.

Customs officers seized lorazepam pills during the operation.

Police arrested one person and charged him with smuggling narcotics. Investigations into other suspects are ongoing.

200 пратки с наркотици, пласирани чрез Darknet, задържаха митнически служители при операция Web Thunder | archive.org, archive.is, customs.bg

Pictuer quality here is so rough because the pictures are stills from this low-res YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofJHkRnqYAU&feature=youtu.be or via invidius: https://inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=ofJHkRnqYAU

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7315e830 Tue, Jul 12, 2022

Busted all outgoing: either tipped off or dumping nearly 200 packages in the space of weeks, all likely in similar or the same place raised a flag.

6659b0d0 Tue, Jul 12, 2022

Does anyone know if Pharmastate is still online after this?

872361e0 Tue, Jul 12, 2022

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666eb7d0 Wed, Jul 13, 2022

If they had not shipped to USA they would be in business, US market is closed to the real drug lords the Corporations.

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pretty sure vendor smartstore is tied up in this one, which sucks :(

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