Austrian Teen Allegedly Resold Drugs from the Darkweb

~1 min read | Published on 2020-04-16, tagged DarkWebDrug-BustDrugs using 243 words.

A 17-year-old teen from Upper Austria was arrested for reselling drugs worth more than 45,000 euros. The teen purchased large quantities of marijuana, hashish, and amphetamine on the darkweb and resold the drugs locally, according to law enforcement.
According to an announcement by the Upper Austria State police, the investigation into the teen’s drug trafficking established that the teen distributed the drugs to other young people in the region with the assistance of middlemen. The investigators learned that the teen had distributed more than four kilograms of marijuana, 75 grams of hashish, and 60 grams of amphetamine. In addition to funding the teen’s drug use, the profit from the drug sales paid for his basic needs and living expenses.
During the course of the investigation, law enforcement identified more than 25 young people suspected of buying drugs from the teen. The clients were investigated and their cases handed over to the public prosecutor. The teen’s co-conspirators were also identified and law enforcement is currently investigating a number of the alleged dealers.
On April 14, the police executed a search warrant on the teen’s home where they found and seized an undisclosed amount of cash, 380 grams of marijuana in 20 packages ready for sale, and drug packaging materials. They also seized and analyzed several mobile phones and computers, that were reportedly used in the drug trafficking operation.
The teen was subsequently arrested and taken in for questioning. Once in custody, the defendant reportedly made a partial confession.