Austrian Police Bust an Amphetamine Dealer

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A 25-year-old living in Vienna allegedly made regular purchases on the darkweb and resold the drugs to local customers. After German law enforcement intercepted a package containing 130 grams of amphetamine, Austrian police raided the suspect’s house, interrupting a drug deal.
According to a brief announcement from police spokesman Harald Sörös, law enforcement in Germany had intercepted a package of amphetamine addressed to the defendant in early August. The package contained 130 grams of amphetamine–a weight far greater than the Narcotic Drugs Act’s threshold for “large amounts” of amphetamine. Law enforcement immediately placed the suspect under surveillance. They had learned through undisclosed methods that the suspect had been making regular orders from a darkweb vendor. (Unfortunately the relevant details were not shared with the general public.)

Investigators of the State Criminal Investigation Office identified the suspect at her apartment in Margareten. A search of criminal databases revealed that the 25-year-old had a conviction from 2018 for unspecified violations of the Narcotic Drugs Act. She had served a conditional sentence following her conviction.
At an unspecified date in the third week of August, Investigators of the state criminal investigation office and officials with WEGA (comparable to US SWAT teams) raided the 25-year-old’s apartment with the assistance of a K-9 unit. The police apprehended the suspect as well as one individual who had visited the suspect to purchase amphetamine. The customer admitted they had purchased amphetamine from the suspect on more than 15 occasions.
Police seized ecstasy tablets, psilocybin mushrooms, amphetamine, and marijuana. They arrested the suspect and placed her in custody at the Vienna-Josefstadt prison where she awaits a court appearance.
This author has reached out to the appropriate police spokesperson for additional information not provided in the short press release and equally or announcement. (archived)

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