Another Suspected DarkMarket Admin Arrested in Germany

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Nearly three weeks after seizing the Darkmarket servers and arresting the suspected administrator of the market, German law enforcement arrested a second suspected market administrator.
In early January, German authorities announced the takedown of the then-leading darkweb marketplace, DarkMarket. On the day of the announcement, authorities replaced the marketplace with seizure banners of their own design. The Central Criminal Investigation Department in Oldenburg arrested a 34-year-old Australian citizen for allegedly administrating the marketplace.

Law enforcment agencies collaborated on a new seizure banner for DarkMarket.

On January 29, the Koblenz Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of another person in connection with the case. This time, according to the announcement, the suspect is the 32-year-old wife of the person arrested in early January. Authorities have accused the suspect of being “another administrator of […] DarkMarket.” The 32-year-old, like her husband, is an Australian citizen living in Germany.
During a hearing yesterday, a judge ruled in favor of pre-trial detention for the suspect.
Neither suspect has commented on the allegations made by German authorities.

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