Amphetamine Vendor "Bestshop24" Sentenced to Prison

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A 34-year-old from Saxony, Germany, was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison for selling amphetamine nasal sprays and speed paste on Nightmare Market. Law enforcement based the investigation on information provided by large-scale amphetamine suppliers in the Netherlands, according to the prosecutor.
The defendant, identified in court as Thomas K., had worked as an engineer before entering the drug trade more than a year ago. News outlets did not cover the man’s introduction to the world of darkweb marketplaces and wholesale amphetamine vendors. For certain reasons, the judge prevented the public from hearing specific elements of the case.
The information available indicates that law enforcement caught Thomas as a part of a much larger operation into wholesale amphetamine suppliers in the Netherlands, though. Thomas, who admitted using a vendor account under the name “bestshop24” on Nightmare market, sourced his product from multiple suppliers in Holland. After receiving bulk packages of amphetamine from his suppliers, Thomas “refined” the amphetamine. After “refining” what prosecutors described as amphetamine oil, Thomas created speed paste as well as a nasal spray.

Thomas K. as he entered the courtroom |

In the defendant’s “home laboratory,” investigators found 560 liters of amphetamine in liquid form as well as almost two kilograms of amphetamine powder.
In August 2019, Thomas had ordered his final liter of amphetamine from a supplier in the Netherlands. At some point after Thomas had arranged for the delivery of the product, drug investigators in the Netherlands spoke with the supplier. The supplier provided investigators with Thomas’ information. Since it is unlikely the investigators had only asked the supplier for the information of one customer, the supplier likely surrendered all accessible customer information.
Law enforcement agencies shared information about Thomas (and likely other clients in Germany). German customs conducted a controlled delivery of one liter of amphetamine. On August 14, 2019, German law enforcement arrested Thomas and raided his apartment. Thomas later admitted purchasing amphetamine and reselling it on the darkweb under the username “bestshop24.” The operation only produced 23,000 euros in profit, Thomas explained in court.
The session ended after the judged sentenced Thomas to two years and seven months in prison.
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