Alphabay Vendor EtiKing Sentenced to Life in Prison

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EtiKing, an Alphabay vendor known for selling Etizolam, received a life sentence in late April for distributing a fentanyl analogue that resulted in the fatal overdose of at least one customer. EtiKing aka Jeremy Achey will serve a life sentence in a federal prison for conspiracy to distribute and distribution of controlled substances.

EtiKing Sentenced to Life in Prison
EtiKing sold a variety of substances, both legal and illegal. He sold some on the RCsources subreddit, he sold some through various research chemical forums and websites under the username “jeremysdemo,” and he sold some on Alphabay under “EtiKing.” The EtiKing account originally belonged to a different vendor who turned confidential informant for the DEA. With the informant’s help, the investigation was fairly simple. Achey used the same email address on Coinbase that he used on Stampnik, a Bitcoin-for-postage service. His Coinbase transaction history had payments from a bitcoin wallet connected to EtiKing. Which in turn connected to Achey’s name, address, and bank accounts.
“The sentence delivered today illustrates the dangers of illicit drugs mixed with fentanyl,” said Adolphus P. Wright, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA, Miami Field Division. “Let me be clear to all those who feel safe hiding behind the dark web to dispense lethal drugs — you will eventually pay a high price for your actions.”
The man even used the same return address on his darknet drug packages that he used for a clearnet front company he created called USDTO. USDTO functioned as a drug purity testing company, but few in the community ever used the service outside of some free samples handed out by Achey through Reddit. On Reddit, Achey promoted harm reduction and the safe use of legal and illegal substances. The drug responsible for the overdose was tetrahydrofuran fentanyl.
The press release is here: Pennsylvania Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Distributing Fentanyl Analogue Resulting In The Death Of A 24-Year-Old Orlando Woman