400,000 Ecstasy Pills Seized in Netherlands Darkweb Investigation

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An investigation into a darkweb drug operation in the Netherlands led to the discovery of more than 400,000 ecstasy pills, according to an announcement from the Public Prosecution Service.
Law enforcement in the Netherlands arrested three suspects as part of an investigation into drug trafficking via darkweb marketplaces. The suspects, a father (59) and son (30) from Spijkenisse as well as a 33-year-old man from Rotterdam, have been accused of participating in a drug trafficking operation with co-conspirators in at least two countries.

Seized Ecstasy Pills | ©Openbaar Ministerie

The investigation built off evidence obtained earlier this year during an initial investigation into cross-border drug trafficking between the Netherlands and Germany. Law enforcement in Germany collaborated with Dutch authorities during the investigation, according to information revealed in the most recent announcement from the Public Prosecution Service.
Police arrested two men in February 2020 for participation in a drug trafficking network. One of the men, a 40-year-old man from Voorburg, allegedly organized the operation and handled business on the darkweb. The second, a 38-year-old man from Pijnacker, allegedly traveled–with packages of drugs–to Germany. Once in Germany, the 38-year-old would mail packages from different post offices to partially conceal the actual location of the conspirators.

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During the investigation into the first two suspects, police in the Netherlands observed the 38-year-old routinely visited the 33-year-old man from Rotterdam. According to the announcements, the 38-year-old delivered packages of drugs to the 33-year-old.

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The suspect in Rotterdam interacted with the father and son Spijkenisse on a regular basis as well. During the execution of search and arrest warrants on April 22, the police raided the warehouse of a company owned by the father and discovered more than 400,000 ecstasy pills and large amounts of cash. The company allegedly produced equipment for manufacturing the drugs distributed by the suspected drug traffickers.
All suspects are in police custody and the investigation is ongoing.

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Anyone know who these vendors are?


Hopefully not namaste


Those pills don't seem to have any print on them. Do pills stamped on another process?

Fake News2020-05-23

Like above pointed out. Those pills are not stamped. Fake news. Someone find a square pill green or pink being sold as exctasy anywhere? I bet you cant. police most likely made these pills them selfs. Only 1 or two are actually active contents. Needed to fake or pin shit on people to keep the funds coming in. Never looks good when police dont have any leads aint getting any busts Shit if I was them Id be faking my busts too. looks good. Remember one thing. when it looks too good to be true...... it normally is.... fake news FUCK THE POLICE .


haha no worrieing. its not me. 400k pills shiiit haha that is ALOT


If you think xtc pills need a stamp on them to be real, you haven’t had much xtc in your life. Some of the best pills out there are stampless.


Stampless XTC? Are you fucking joking? Literally no one has ever eaten XTC without a stamp.. The stamp comes from the first press? Right? Could someone with real life experience, and not a fucking cop comment on this?


The green ones could be Heineken. Flat earth kid not everything is a conspiracy. Please write a book or something of what you think it is. With everything going on you think they are just setting up 2 complete randoms for shits and giggles? So dumb. Oh yeah and from the article it seems like the fathers company sold pill presses. Hahah I would love to know what goes though your head.


it might be that vendor on empire who sells them 2k pills and acid


Why the fuck would anyone stamp the pills twice!? Huge waste of product. It makes no fucking sense.


To the one who wrote with name COP. You literally just assumed it was Heineken. Then mentioned conspiracy. When I suggested cop it was referring to the fake news response... God damn you're a stupid fucking idiot. Read through the responses, then maybe take a minute before you blurt out a bunch of dumb shit you fucking hypocrite.

Nigger Faggot2020-05-24

I actually would have to say, this article looks very fake. The people are busted in like not very secure countries too lool. I definetly would consider the people to be lying.


Not a secure country? What are you taking about. NL is the leading place for manufacturing of drugs. Nonetheless, something is up with this article.


If you view the EXIF data of these photos they are dated May 7th, exported via Adobe Photoshop 7.0 This article was first posted on www.om.nl during May 19th, then re-posted here on the 21st. The images are labeled Cicade, which is an insect, that has recently been in the news for appearing in new locations. When we find the person using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, the remaining puzzle pieces will fall into place.


"The dog day cicada, for example, emerges each year in mid-summer." I would put my money on this being called Operation Cicada. Some three letter agency is creating FUD to disrupt, or attempt to expose certain vendors. They are up to something. I don't like these little piggy bastards.


Disregard the Cicada / Cicade nonsense. Auto correct muffed my up. Anyone have any idea what Cicade is?


I wouldn't outright dismiss this for being fake JUST because of the stamping, but it would be equally strange to not at the very least be somewhat skeptical. Molly pills live off the branding. Having a massive distro operation going on but selling blanks feels like it would eventually hit business since at those volumes you're selling to at LEAST two thirds redistributors.


Kenzos/ trumps dont have stamps they change the shape.


Not fair. I need some E right now. They claim to seize 400,000 pills but no sense of futility after years of these busts. Time to legalize all drugs NOW!


This is very true, I took a stampless e pill from them and I know who they are. I'm the one who reported them to the feds because their stampless pills broke my penis in half literally. it really hurt but they got what they deserved. Penis breakers rot in jail


Or Instagram booooiiis


"Police arrested two men in **February 2020** for participation in a drug trafficking network. One of the men, a 40-year-old man from Voorburg, allegedly organized the operation and handled business on the darkweb. The second, a 38-year-old man from Pijnacker" "During the execution of search and arrest warrants on April 22, the police raided the warehouse of a company owned by the father and discovered more than 400,000 ecstasy pills and large amounts of cash." After no contact with your usual partner you'd think they would've gone into damage control. Incredibly stupid way to get caught - everyone just linked to eachother and no one had red herrings or fail systems in place.


fucking amateurs


Perfect pills could be manufacturer stamp less aslong as everything been mixed in with the crushed mdma then it will work . stamp is just branding. The average cost to manufacture a xtc pill is around 0.20 euro . So if those pills are genuine legit the seizure has cost the traffickers anywhere from 80k upwards.


Love, Peace and Rock & Roll pills. I guess out of experience.


Snap chats, peace love rocknroll or it could really be blank and that's how they make a unique product. White on white blotter gets sold frequently enough.


Fuck fascists Fuck the failed drug war Fuck LE Fuck everyone who wants to tell other adults what they can do with their own bodies! It's time to legalize all drugs now!! 👊

legalize all drugs2020-06-28

@frosty Indeed man, who are they to punish people just because they are using drugs It fucking pisses me off, i wish there was a anarchist island somewhere on earth god damn it Tired of all the goverments telling us what we can and can't do! Fuck them i can put whatever i want to in my own fucking body