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Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this site, but there are some instances where comments will be edited or deleted. Comments are subject to the website’s terms of use. Violations of this policy may result in comments being deleted.

  • You may comment without identifying yourself but a name or alias is required.
  • You may post follow-up questions. In fact, comments asking for additional information about a topic are encouraged and are more useful for the entire community than many other types of comments.
  • You may disagree with Darknetlive or any of the authors on this site. This is expected. However, disagreements must be relevant to the actual topic instead of the general “fuck DNL” posted by GP on every thread.
  • I reserve the right to delete your comments. This is my site. I am under no obligation to publish any comments. Despite the claims to the contrary by a single person, comments are rarely deleted. The majority of his comments fail to make it past the spam filter. The First Amendment is an amazing right; Darknetlive is under no obligation to respect what you claim are your First Amendment rights. While the United States government might permit you to spam, Darknetlive will not.
  • Darknetlive can and likely will start removing comments that are off-topic; comments posted simply to evoke a reaction from other readers; comments that add nothing to the discussion; comments promoting anything; and any other type of comment covered in this comment policy.
  • Comments in many of the above categories rarely make it past the spam filter (sorry, Lopes). I do not regularly check the comments flagged as spam.
  • Duplicate comments get removed.
  • Comments containing an attempted exploit are similarly removed in the small chance they make it past the spam filter.
  • Comments posted under the name of prominent figures in the community with the intent to mislead readers.
  • Asking for or providing Wikcr IDs is not permitted.

None of these reasons for removal are “no good reason.” Sorry, GP.

  • By commenting on Darknetlive.com, you are granting Darknetlive a license to publish and display the content in question. The comment is still owned by the OP.

  • If you want to post an authorized comment as a prominent or well-known member of the community, your safest bet is to include a link to a signed copy of the comment in the body of the posted comment. There is no guarantee PGP formatted comments will survive the formatting of the markdown parser in use.

  • Darknetlive is a completely static site. Our JAMstack includes no JavaScript. As a result, our comment system requires some magic to work. Comments will not immediately show up. Comments not marked as spam or potential spam will usually appear in one minute.