Police in Brazil Bust International Crime Group

Brazil Drug Bust

The Federal Police this morning (22/2) in Natal, Operation Drug Designer. It aims to disrupt a criminal group suspected of interstate and international drug trafficking (cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine, etc.), as well as other chemically modified substances to become “legal” in Brazil.

About 30 federal police are serving 10 search and seizure warrants and 3 arrest warrants (preventive and temporary) in different regions of the capital.

The investigations began in 2014, based on apprehensions made by the Post Office of parcels treated as “scrap”, an expression given to postal items that had not been found by their recipients and were not received back by shippers.

When subjected to the X-ray device, the orders revealed suspicious content, possibly narcotic substance. Subsequently, the material was sent to the Superintendence of the PF where it passed for analysis of the expertise. It has been proven to be a new synthetic drug known in the international market as “designer drug” or “legal highs”, which had a chemical structure different from the currently prohibited substances, although with similar and potentially higher physiological effect.

At another stage, the narcotic was sent to consumers in other cities in Brazil, through postal parcels departing from Natal / RN. At the time of the investigation, about 54 suspicious objects were intercepted and analyzed, thus characterizing the materiality of the criminal offense investigated.

It was also observed that some of the postal objects presented irrelevant content, believing that the PF was an artifice used by the criminal group, with the use of “bait”, to know if the orders arrived at their destination or were being retained by the Correios, which led to the deepening of the investigations aiming to locate and identify the Brazilians and foreigners responsible for this new modality.

During the work of the expert, the PF further noted that the chemical inputs for the manufacture of the drugs came from abroad, especially from China and Germany, being mixed with other components and resulting in illicit synthetic drugs.