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Whitney Franks

Sports Direct Worker Sentenced in Murder for Hire Case

The Sports Direct worker who tried to hire a hitman on the darkweb to kill her coworker has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.


A Collection of Articles About Hardening Linux

A collection of articles and guides from around the internet about hardening Linux, privacy, and security in general.

Treasury insignia

Treasury Taking Comments on Risks Posed by Crypto

The United States Treasury is seeking public comment on the “national security risks posed by digital assets.”

A picture of a reasonable police response

German Police Raided a Tor Exit Node Operator

According to a message on the tor-relays mailing list, a Tor exit node operator in Germany was raided by the police.

Australia Post

Darkweb Vendor in Australia Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

A drug dealer in Melbourne has been sentenced to seven years in prison for selling methamphetamine on the darkweb.

The Huobi logo

Huobi Allegedly Deslisted Privacy Coins

The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has allegedly delisted Monero and other privacy coins just two months after legally entering the U.S. market.

Dark Jim Brandon (very cool, organic)

White House Releases Fact Sheet on Digital Assets Framework

The White House issued a fact sheet on the administration's Digital Assets Framework. It covers regulatory actions and the administration's plans for the future of crypto.

A screenshot of Omnipotent's website

“Do Not Speak to Omnipotent” - BreachForums Admin

The former administrator of RaidForums is contacting people in what could be an attempt to obtain a reduced sentence.