Matthew Yensan
How the Feds Caught Matthew Yensan in Two Months

Matthew Yensan, a alprazolam vendor from Raleigh, North Carolina, just received a 78-month prison sentence for distributing producing alprazolam and selling it on the darknet, dealing with the proceeds of a crime, and having several firearms while committing said crime. The DEA’s investigation into the 23-year-old lasted less than six months and required almost no work from the DEA themselves. Here is how they did it.

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LSD from a Russian Police Bust
Russian Man Arrested for Buying LSD Online

Anti-drug trafficking agents of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested a 35-year-old from Elista for ordering LSD from a vendor on the internet. The press release explained that the man had used the internet to order a small amount of LSD. The man provided a vendor with his address. Police intercepted the package at as it entered the city of Elista.

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UK Bargains
Alphabay Fentanyl Dealer “UKBargins” Confesses

Three men have admitted running the Alphabay vendor account where they sold fentanyl and dozens of fentanyl analogues. Investigators have traced their drugs back to six overdoses. Since they sold and advertised the fentanyl as fentanyl, I personally do not think they are to blame for the fatal decisions their buyers made. Jake Levene, 22, […]

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BKA Logo
BKA: Investigators are “Restricted not Powerless”

According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), infants and toddlers are increasingly becoming victims of child abuse—at least on videos found on the darknet child abuse forum “Elysium.” German authorities reported that the percentage of under-six-year-olds abused in videos or photos has risen in recent over the last three years. Information like this, […]

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Rapture Market
Rapture Market Returns Amidst Exit-Scam Fear

One of the relatively new darknet markets called “Rapture Market” disappeared for long enough that even the media wrote about the marketplace’s disappearance. It turns out that Rapture Market did not exit scam. They are back but are being hit by an allegedly intense DDoS attack.

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