A header photo used by Dr. Ronald Ilg on the Indian dating site 'Linkedin'

Washington Doctor Pleads Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Case

A Washington doctor accused of hiring a hitman to injure his wife pleaded guilty to making threats over the internet.

A picture of 0.25mg alprazolam pills

Two Charged for Buying 5,200 Alprazolam Pills on the Darkweb

Two 21-year-olds in Austria allegedly ordered 5,200 alprazolam pills from vendors on the darkweb.

A very serious bongland cop doing serious work on a very real darkweb market for firearms.

Police in the UK Discover Link Between the Darkweb and Crime

Investigators with the Northamptonshire Police discovered a link between the darkweb and criminal activity, according to a recent press release

A picture of fake oxycodone pills provided by the DEA

Two Sentenced for Selling Fake Oxy Pills on the Darkweb

Two drug dealers who sold counterfeit oxycodone pills on the darkweb were sentenced to prison in Connecticut.

A picture of the Head of Business Development at BitMEX, Greg Dwyer.

BitMEX Employee Admits Violating Bank Secrecy Act

A “high-ranking” employee of a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange pleaded guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

The Tornado Cash logo

US Treasury Sanctioned Tornado Cash

The U.S. Treasury sanctioned the “notorious virtual currency mixer,” Tornado Cash.

Alexander Vinnik in a picture in court.

BTC-e Owner Extradited to the United States

The owner of the so-called “illicit cryptocurrency exchange” BTC-e was extradited from Greece to the United States to face money laundering charges.

A peaceful bird representing a peaceful country

Three Sentenced for Operating the “Reboot” Store on Hydra

Three drug dealers were sentenced to prison in Russia for operating the “Reboot” storefront on Hydra.