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Bavarian Man Sold Stolen Credit Card Info on the Darknet

A young Bavarian man sold almost 500,000 credit card records on the darknet. German authorities claimed he collected the records by hacking the website of a major online retailer.

Teen Tried to Buy a Firearm on the Darknet

“René F.” went on darknet in June 2017. He found what he was looking for from a supplier from Australia and ordered a MAC-11. In Germany, the acquisition, import and possession of such “weapons of war” are strictly regulated and punishable… Continue Reading →

Chemical Love Customer On Trial in Munich

Munich –  According to prosecutors, a young man is said to have ordered over 1500 tablets of ecstasy and hundreds of grams of amphetamine over the Internet. In addition, according to investigators, he ordered a kilo of cannabis and several dozen grams… Continue Reading →

27 Caught in Russian Crypto Market Operation

“Employees of the Main Directorate for Drug Control of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with colleagues from territorial drug control units during the conduct of special operations in several regions of the Russian Federation, suppressed the activity of… Continue Reading →

Police in Brazil Bust International Crime Group

The Federal Police this morning (22/2) in Natal, Operation Drug Designer. It aims to disrupt a criminal group suspected of interstate and international drug trafficking (cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine, etc.), as well as other chemically modified substances to become “legal” in Brazil…. Continue Reading →

Olympus Market Joins the Darknet Market Superlist

Dear DarkNetMarkets community, We are pleased to annouce that Olympus Market has officily joined DarkNetMarkets’s superlist! We’d like to use this opportunity to thank the /r/DarkNetMarkets mods for welcoming us aboard the list. Beyond that, we’re going to raise the… Continue Reading →

Highschooler Charged for Buying Xanax on the Darknet

Ethan Morris, 18, was arraigned in Southern Berkshire District Court on Monday, and pleaded not guilty to one count of drug distribution and two counts of drug possession. Judge William Rota set Morris’ pretrial date to March 26. Morris’ attorney,… Continue Reading →

German Court Drops Drug Charges Against Former Suspect

A court in Germany had to drop drug charges filed against a 44-year-old from Gemünden. The prosecution relied on the testimony of a 29-year-old darknet drug buyer. During the accuser’s trial, the evidence revealed three charges had been fabricated in exchange for… Continue Reading →

Austrian Police Announce ‘Great Win’ Against Darknet Drug Trafficking

The State Office for Criminal Investigation of Lower Austria succeeded in striking out against international drug traffickers through its excellent cooperation with the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the Dutch judicial and police authorities. Three suspects… Continue Reading →

International Police Met with Hansa Market Buyers

On 14 and 15 February the police held a nationwide ‘knock and talk’ operation: Operation Mirum. They called at the houses of 37 individuals who had ordered drugs through the dark market Hansa Market. Simultaneously, in the U.S., the DEA… Continue Reading →

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