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Not Evil is gone. Some alternatives are:Brave SearchahmiaSearXVendor search: KilosVendor search: ReconHow are you making money?Unlike other Tor search engines, not Evil is not for profit. The cost to run not Evil is a contribution to what one hopes is a growing shield against the tyranny of an intolerant majorityI want to make a donation to not Evil, how?not Evil is not for profit. Thank you but not Evil is not accepting donations. Anyone that solicits donations of any kind on not Evil& rsquo;s behalf is a fraud.Why can& rsquo;t I find what I am looking for?not Evil is not a depot for illegal services and illegal material. not Evil does not tolerate content the likes of child pornography, weapons/narcotics markets or any other illegal content. If you& rsquo;re searching for this type of content then please go elsewhere. If you have encountered this type of material, then please report it.Who are you to censor anything?not Evil is a reflection of what the community is searching for and what the community reports as abusive or inappropriate content. We are not god, we are not enforcers and we are not the police. When a link or host is reported as bad it is pushed into a queue and used as a signal when evaluating sites for removal from the index. The site is never looked at or assessed by a human. If enough people report a site as bad, enough to form a representative sample of the community, then the machines will realize that the community has spoken, it is unwanted content and it will be removed from the index.What is r.php?not Evil maintains an ephemeral click stream which is used as a signal against what users are clicking on. More clicks for a link means that the link is more relevant for that query and so scores higher in the search ranking. This is done because i onion sites rarely link to one another and so ii there is very little means to create a PageRank on the Dark Web and iii onion sites do not stay up for very long.Who don& rsquo;t you host images?To mitigate risk.What is ned?not evil drone, a pseudo self-learning chat bot. The more you chat to it, the more it will learn from you.Who is responsible for training ned?You are.